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Bluetooth won't turn off


Bluetooth won't turn off

My wireless internet/internet service is having issues (service outage) so I'm using mobile connnection for data on my phone. For some reason my Bluetooth was turned on although my phone is not discoverable as usual. I keep turning Bluetooth off but something is over-riding it back to on. My phone is the BB Bold touch phone 9900 with up-to-date OS-SW. My question is why is the Bluetooth On and why can't I make it stay off? Thanks for any help.
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Re: Bluetooth won't turn off

Hello @sighborg !


Are you still having issues with the Bluetooth on your Blackberry? Is it still under warranty? If so, you may want to take it to your nearest device warranty center for diagnostics. Just follow the Warranty Center link below to find the center nearest to you. Otherwise, you may want to try some basic troubleshooting. I've included a link to AT&T's device tutorials. Simply select your device and click "troubleshoot your device."


Device Tutorials


Warranty Center


Let us know if this helps!



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Re: Bluetooth won't turn off

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Re: Bluetooth won't turn off

Hi. I didn't realize you replied to my message. What I did was do a battery pull-out hard restart and the stuck Bluetooth problem was solved. Thank you for your help and thanks for the links also. Take care!
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Re: Bluetooth won't turn off

Sorry for the blank reply or comment!
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