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Blocked Text message & Group SMS from Iphone


Blocked Text message & Group SMS from Iphone

My ingenious son seems to have figured out away around the text limits set by the Smart Controls. Even when I have completely shut off text messaging, and removed all safe numbers, it seems if you send a group SMS message then the messages will go thru. By choosing a non- text enabled phone number (Such as home phone) and then adding texting partners to the message, it seem s that the system will let those thru. Has anyone else seen this? Any work around?

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Re: Blocked Text message & Group SMS from Iphone

Leave it to kids to figure out that kind of stuff! He sounds like a smart kid!


I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but I'll send your message over to the Smart Limits folks and see what they have to say!


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Re: Blocked Text message & Group SMS from Iphone

Get on the iphone.  Go to settings>Mesages>turn off iMessage, turn off "send as SMS", turn off MMS messaging and Group Messaging.  Then go back to settings scroll to "General".  scroll down to "Restrictions".  Click "Enable Restrictions".  You will have to make a passcode that only YOU, the parent, will remember.  There are more restrictions you can apply there.  


Also, if you go to your AT&T "usage" page, and click on your child's number, there is an option to disable data usage, unless hooked up to a WiFi access.  If your child knows your WiFi passcode, change it.  Or "forget" that network in your settings.  


Obviously, I have had this problem with my teenager.  


Hope this helps!

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