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Billing & Overages caused by a device are my responsibility HELP!!!!


Billing & Overages caused by a device are my responsibility HELP!!!!

I broke the screen on my Iphone 4s and had to pay the 199.99 Insurance deductible to have the phone replaced.  I have NEVER gon over my data usage but came very close a few times when I recived the phone I was suprised to find out I recived a brand new phone through the insurance and thought every thing was solved and boy was I wrong.


As soon as we set up the phone in just a few days I had gone over 4 gig of data and by the end of the month I was charged 80.00 overage in data.  I called customer service and they credited the overage and went through some steps on how to avoid future data overages.  The next month by the middle of my billing cycle I had gone through 4 gig of data again and by the end of the month I was cahrged a total of 40.00 in data.  I called customer service again explaining my iisues and they had me down load an data manager app again when through steps to monitor your data and told me to call back if I had any other problems.  Now the third month in a row I call ATT again about overage on data this time about 90.00 in overages by the end of the billing cycle.  I told them there had to be an issue with the phone a represenative put me on hold and told me that I needed to update the software on my phone because there was a known glitch in the Iphone with the ios I was running causing data overages and I updated it and then they credited teh account again.  This time because I had reviewd my bill more carefully I noticed I was being charged 20.00 on two lines of data that had not been used in 6 months these lines were never suspended after I had requesten them to be.  I was give about a 200.00 credit for that (the rep said he discounted a total of 9 months) he then discounted teh overages in my data again because the data manager did not show the same that their computer showed and they ask me to do a hard reset on the phone (something that they had already ask me to do)  The next month I have 40.00 in overages again and when I call back I am denied any credit at all by a represenative and by a suporvisor.  I told them that this was an ongoging issue that we had been working on and was told that there was nothing they could do and I was extreamly irrate at this point all I wanted was a credit for what I did not use.


I ended up filing a complaint with the BBB and had a represenative call me back.  I told her the situation and was give a credit for the overage and an apology.  I was also told that on a date a supervisor was suppose to note the account it was not noted.  My account had been opend but there was no notes to back up what I called in about.  There was nothing she could do about that because i did not have the name of the person I spoke to and she did not want to get the wrong person in trouble and I understood that to a degree and just wanted somone in a higher office to know what was going on.  She spoke with tech support who verified that there had been a problem with the ios (phone operating system) that I was running and they told her to have me go to an Apple store and have the phone replaced.   I was not in the same town as an apple store and would not be for a few days so at the first chance I got I went to the apple store who verified there was a device issue and they wanted to try to do a reset & restore on the phone.  They would not just hand me a brand new phone with out doing there own trouble shooting.  They gave me the instructions on how to do a reset and restore on the phone and I went home and did so.    I called the represneative back that to let her know what the Apple store said and she said "I have notated your account so that any overage credits can me given through customer service and you should not have this problem when you call back again.  So at the end of your billing Cycle call customer service and have them read the notes in your account and they will credit the oveage.


Well now at the end of my billing cycle and I only went over twice this time and I belive it is because there was so much data used in teh start of the month.  I was ask to see how the phone did this month by apple and I called customer service about the overerage and was told today there was a note on the account "ALL OVERAGE CREDITS ARE BANNED FROM THIS ACCOUNT"  I do not want a courtesy credit or anything I want the 20.00 in data creditd to my account and an apology for AT&T for being lied to twice in a row and one time by someone in the executive office.  I also want the to tell me why I should pay them more than I really owe.  does anyone know how to contact the Office of the president?  It sems that executive customer serrvice and customer service have the same dishonest billing practices.


I understand there have been alot of credits on my account that were offerd to me anbd yes I accepted them who would not, but never not one time did a rep say "let me give you a courtsey credit for yout trouble so when we overbill you in the future we do not have to credit you again"


If anyone can help me here I would apreciate it 

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Re: Billing & Overages caused by a device are my responsibility HELP!!!!

You may want to send a Private Message to ATTCustomerCare here on the forum. They work in the forums during their regular business hours.

Please include a brief description of the issue you are having, your name, email address, phone number, and the best time to be reached. Please allow up to 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS for a Representative to contact you. You can expect a reply via return PM between the hours of 7am-10pm CST.



     we live & learn~

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Re: Billing & Overages caused by a device are my responsibility HELP!!!!

Hello, Jimmycraigt! Welcome to the forums, and thanks for posting!


I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulties with your bill and your data usage. We can get you in touch with our team of managers, and they will do everything they can to help you out and get this resolved. Just send a private message to ATTCustomerCare by clicking here. Be sure to provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. It might be a good idea to include an alternate phone number, just in case. Please keep in mind that it may take up to two business days to receive a reply, but this team is awesome and will work very hard to get your problem fixed.





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