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Bill is too high!


Bill is too high!

This company is too expensive! It is the same as a car note!
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Re: Bill is too high!

Mylady13 wrote:
This company is too expensive! It is the same as a car note!

save money, dump the iphone and get a basic phone, drop your bil to next to nothing, another choice is straighttalk, cricket, or prepaid.

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Re: Bill is too high!


Sorry to hear about that your bill is to high. You are always welcome to call AT&T or visit a local COR store and they will be able to go over your bill with you and discuss better plans with you. Smiley Happy
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Re: Bill is too high!

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Re: Bill is too high!

I totally agree! My bill for Sprint plus ATT and a home phone was less than the $407 I am being charged monthly now for wireless ONLY. What is happening to actual service for a cost? I am extremely aggravated that I was told my first bill would be high but not that ongoing bills would be, too. Not to mention, where is the $300 rebate I was promised?????
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