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Best pre paid phone


Best pre paid phone

A couple of questions. For the $50 unlimited monthly plan can you call and text any number regardless of the network the person is on and not be charged extra for it? For data you can use as much as you want and not be charged for it?


What is a good prepaid phone? I'm looking at them but I don't see any reviews for any of the phones.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Best pre paid phone

Someone recently posted the GoPhone terms of service.  See "Great job AT&T on the language..."  It's a sticky topic at the top of the list of "Prepaid" topics.  Click through to the plan, scroll down, and select the "plan terms" tab.


Calls and texts are included in the $50 unlimited plan, but data depends on what type of phone you have.  The terms say that if you get a feature phone (ie any phone other than a smart phone) data is included in your $50 unlimited plan.  But smart phone users must add a data package to use data services.


The best phone to get depends on how much you want to spend and what features are important to you.  If light weight and portability are important to you, compare those specs.  If you text a lot you may want a phone with a physical QWERTY keypad.  If you plan to do a lot of surfing from your phone, a browser that supports Adobe Flash will give you more of the web.  (Not all smart phones support Flash.  The entry-level Android LG Thrive, for instance, does not support Flash.)


I like the detailed device reviews on  They are particularly good at discussing call quality, a crucial topic that sometimes gets lost in all the banter about apps and features.

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Re: Best pre paid phone

Yes, that is correct.

You can use any phone you'd like for prepaid, really, so there's not necessarily a limit as to what phone()s you want/not want to use. Smartphones are included without paying for a mandatory data plan like post paid customers are forced to do.

The only disadvantage if you got a smartphone is that you would not be able to use the unlimited web included in your $50/monthly plan - you would have to purchase a separate data package in order for data services to work.

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Re: Best pre paid phone

I have the $50 unlimited plan, and yes you can call anyone at anytime , be it landline or mobile, and not get charged extra. I have friends and family in other states that I call regularly without it costing extra, ditto for texting. Since my phone is a non smartphone I also get limitless data.

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Re: Best pre paid phone

Well the best phone for the $50 a month plan that ISN'T a smartphone would be the Pantech P7040P. I've had this phone since beginning of October, and it's a great phone. It's survived many drops and the battery life is great, I use the phone all day and it hits 2/3 bars of battery before I go to bed. I use it for heavy texting and the keyboard is great. The camera isn't great, the video recording can be good if you set it to the highest resolution but then you can't MMS videos, which kinda beats the purpose of taking videos on your phone if your not gonna share it with friends.


It has fast 3G data, and apps as well. It looks like a blackberry but really it's a feature phone. (I'd consider it quick messaging, cause it's a great phone for messaging).


Hope this helps.

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Re: Best pre paid phone

I got this phone also and agree with you. Its a great little phone for the the price. The only thing is you have to get 3rd party chargers to work with it.
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