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Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs


Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs

I purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 phone running Windows Phone 8 just about a month ago.  My thinking was that, being the least utilized platform, it would have the least known vulnerabilities, and thus is less likely to be hit by malware than iOS or Android.  This is technically still true, but my experience was so horrible that a month later I couldn't deal with the phone anymore!


   TEXTING:  I found that the Windows Phone wouldn't properly handle outgoing text messages all the time and would often send the same message 2 or 3 times over, annoying all of my friends.  I also found that some text messages came with a nice block of garbled code at the top and bottom of each message - another thing that annoyed all of my friends.


   PHONE CALLS:  Incoming calls were really quiet (the volume can't be adjusted to go terribly high on the handset), and outgoing calls sounded like I was in a tin can.  Good luck getting reception in any kind of building.  I tried making a call from an airport just four days ago and the call dropped every time I walked past a trash can.  Any phone with an antenna so bad that it can't handle walking past a 50lb piece of metal isn't worth paying for.


   EMAILS:  Not only did I find that my emails were sometimes forwarded through an obfuscated hotmail address (Which I never approved), I also found that emails sent to some devices came through with garbled code above and below the message, just like the text messages.


   GPS:  The Windows Phone OS doesn't have a built-in GPS app.  In response, Nokia did their best to build one...two...three of them.  The issue here is that they aren't very well built, the search functionality is pretty terrible, and their driving app (yes, you need a seperate app if you want turn-by-turn) is still in Beta.  The Windows Phone also turns off the GPS functionality if you lock the screen in an attempt to conserve battery.  I love more battery life, but want to still know where I'm going.  I don't want to wait 5 minutes after each time I unlock the screen just to figure out where I am.  If I'm on the highway, I've already missed my turn.


   HEADSET:  It turns out that Nokia decided not to include a headset with this phone.  They CLAIM that their headphone input jack is universal.  Technically, it will allow you to plug in almost any headset and listen to music.  However, I discovered that they made it proprietary enough that you can't use anything other than a Nokia branded headset to make phone calls.  You have to buy one of the Nokia-rebranded Monster headsets for this.  NO.  I am NOT paying more than the cost of the phone just so I can get a Monster headset when I already have a Monster DNA headset that works with every other phone on the market.  So now I'm stuck making calls using the handset only, no headset.


   WEB BROWSER:  Windows Phone uses a mobile version of Internet Explorer.  The biggest issue here is that there isn't any forward button and the back button is the same one you use to back out of the app altogether.  This means that if you hit back accidentally, you can't hit forward to get back to where you were.  It also means that hitting back MAY take you back one page, or it MAY take you out of the app altogether.  On top of all of this, I found that a decent percentage of pages just wouldn't load properly and I wound up going back to a computer just to access the internet.


   APPS:  Being a new platform, there are almost no worthwhile apps for the Windows Phone.  People develop for iOS and Android, not for Windows.  After using the platform for a month, I can see why!  I wouldn't touch this phone with a 10 foot pole.


   END RESULT:  Now I have a phone that sucks for text messages, phone calls, email, GPS, internet, is seriously lacking in terms of apps, and doesn't even have a headset!  Why on earth am I paying for a smart phone that doesn't do ANYTHING I would want out of a smartphone?  I put this question to the ATT rep at a local ATT store a few days ago.  I asked if I could trade it in and pay the difference for a different phone running Android or iOS.  They told me they agreed that it was a terrible phone, that I shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't work, and that they couldn't help me.  I would have to call support.  


   I called support and was told again that they were sorry, that they completely understood that I didn't want to continue paying for a device that didn't work properly on so many fronts, and that they couldn't do anything.  They forwarded me over to the warranty department.  Finally, warranty told me they would take the device back...and replace it with another Nokia Lumia 920...Did they even listen?  I explained why that wouldn't work and asked to pay the difference and trade my phone for a different model.  When I was told again that I couldn't do this, I asked if I had any other options aside from going back to Verizon after leaving them for ATT a month earlier.  They said that it was my best bet and that I should go to Verizon before cancelling my ATT contract so that I could keep my number.  


   I do a lot of IT security work and attend / present at lots of conferences.  The fact that I was using a Windows Phone was somewhat of a joke among some of my friends and colleagues, but made sense to an extent given it's small footprint in the industry and the limited knowledge of the platform that resulted from it.  Now that I've switched back to a Verizon Galaxy SIII less than a month later, guess what everyone is asking?  When I left Verizon, it was because I wanted to try out the Lumia 920 (I had good memories of my old Nokia brick phones in the past).  Verizon had tried three times to offer me free upgrades to keep me as a customer.  I insisted on leaving anyway - I won't be making that mistake again.  Now I'm back with Verizon and owe ATT a 300+ dollar termination fee after a month of service.

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Re: Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs

I've been using WP8 and the Lumia 920 since launch in November.


Texting: never had an issue. Text a wide range of people on AT&T and other carriers. Use emoticons. Text 1000s per month.


Phone calls. No quality issues. Do you have a case on it? Coverage: LTE coverange in buildings is great for me. As with all cell phones, your experience depends on your location, but having used an HTC Titan, iPhone4, and 920 in exactly the same location on the same service, Call Quality and coverage on the 920 is the best of the three.


Email. I have no idea what you mean here. email is sent via whatever server you configure. I use hotmail, gmail, personal IMAP and work exchange email. No issues with any of them.


Headset. Any will work, Bluetooth, wired. You can use any brand you want it is a standard 3.5mm headset jack.


Browser - works - no idea why yours doesn't


Apps - yep, the market is weaker than the much more mature iOS and android markets. Check before you buy.


GPS Nav - great.


Bottom line - you either have a very defective phone, or a very unique experience.

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Re: Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs

 Came in to make his one post. If he had any problems he didn't ask for help.

We pre-ordered two 920's and received them shortly afterwards, about 5 monts ago

Text - Never had any of the stated problems

Calls - Sound fine, never a complaint. Our previous Sony phones would drop calls if we didn't stay in the right spot

          in the house. Never a dropped call with the 920 and we can go anywhere in the house on a call.

Email - Guess he doesn't like hotmail. Never extra characters in emails.

GPS - Nokia Map division is Navteq. Even before Windows phones Nokia had some of the best mapping software

          on their Symbian phones. Mapping is nothing new to Nokia. If you are using a GPS and you want to turn it

          off, OK. You have to turn it on before you need it again.

Headset - His whole paragraph is not true. The headset jack will accomodiate two jack standards. An old blackberrry

            set with mic works nicely

Browser - He needs to learn to drive it.


I'm tired of this.

Never had a problem with either one.

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Re: Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs

I have had the Nokia Lumia 920 for quite some time now and have not had any of the issues the original poster

 is complaining about.

No strangeness when I send/receive messages. Not able to currently send video attachments. This is a know issue that is being fixed with the next update (this is a Nokia issue, not WP8.

I have not had a single dropped call when unexpected (driving through mountain passes sometimes will drop calls.)

I am also in the IT Field, I have my phone configured with multiple email accounts. Again, not a single issue with sending or receiving messages and I get about 100+ emails a day

The built in GPS apps are leaps and bounds above both iPhone and Android devices that I have had dealings with. I did have the same issue with battery saver/

satellite aquisition. There are settings that can be adjusted to fix this.  

I have yet to be left flapping in the wind when I comes to App availability. Always have found a suitable app for what I need, more that what I expected. 

There is a little bit of learning curve to use the browser. As with most other apps/features, it can be customized to what you need or want.


I think the original poster was uneducated about the features/use of a Windows Phone.  It is like I tell my children. Ask for help before you give up.


[Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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Re: Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs

You know whats really funny....I just read a very similar story, about the S4.
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Re: Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs

Even though this may be a bit of an old post, I wanted to drop my two cents as a fellow NL920 owner.


TEXTING: I have had this phone for several months now. I have found that with it I can text faster than most people on other platforms can. The sending of the same text message more than one time (i.e. two or more times) is a fault of the AT&T network and not specific to the NL920 (and I know this because it also occurred on my HTC Vivid when I was an Android user). My suggestion is that if this problem persists then you should call techincal support to check your network thats going to your phone.


PHONE CALLS: This is subjective as it truly depends on the background noise you have around you. I've found that if there is too much noise on your end, the phone assumes you are talking and drowns out the side you are talking to. This is remedied by going some place a little quieter. I understand that this is not always convenient but I'm simply telling you what I have learned. Otherwise, I've had no issues. Buildings will be buildings and sometimes you won't get a signal no matter what phone you have.


EMAILS: To answer this, you should definitely go to Settings and check your accounts that you have set up. Verify that you put everything in correctly. If you did, contact support for further guidance.


GPS: I have had no issues out of HERE Maps or HERE Drive. I use Foursquare a lot as well and have had no issues. I can only count 1 time where the GPS signal wasn't finding me and that was due to extensive cloud cover so it could be explained and understood. Also in reference to battery life, the maps can be downloaded and run in offlline mode. If youre not planning on taking calls, which you shouldn't when you're driving anyways, turn the phone on airplane mode and turn on the GPS. Engage battery saver as well and then you'll have decent battery life for a while. My best recommendation is when using it for driving, always plug it up first and keep the power flowing.


HEADSET: I can't say I agree with this as I have SkullCandy headphones and they work beautifully with my Nokia. I also patch my Nokia into the AUX jack of many devices and I get stellar sound. Double check your headphones and or your cables for wear and tear, if not those items then get your phone checked/serviced.


WEB BROWSER: Never had a problem here. Its all in how you use it and if you understand how the system was intended to work. Yes, they didn't included a forward button in the mobile version of IE however they remedied that by allowing you to follow the following steps. Press the three dots on the bottom right when in IE and then click recent places, now you can go forward to the page you accidentally left. ;-)


APPS: Yes, WP8 doesn't have a massive app store and for good reason. Every app gets vetted by MS quality control before it is released. If it doesn't meet standards, even after being released, it gets pulled immediately. Trust me the standard is pretty high. More and more mainstream apps are getting released and the ones that are out are getting regular updates nowadays, if you don't believe me, take a look at WP Centrals Apps section and see for yourself.


END RESULT: WP8 and Nokia Lumia are a match made in heaven with a user experience that is unique and intuitive. Every mobile OS has its quirks and isn't without fault but its all in how you educate yourself in how to make your experience better.

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Re: Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs

An iPhone isn't a windows phone and a windows phone isn't an iPhone, so stop comparing the two phones...
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Re: Avoid ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone at All Costs

This is my first smartphone as well. I must say, using this Lumia 920, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. True, there are some gaps in the app market right now. I personally would like to see a basic Adobe Photoshop app and an AutoDesk app for viewing CAD (computer assisted drafting) files. Having never used IOS or Android I admit bias for the purposes of posting this board, but I can't deny my own positive experience using a Nokia Lumia 920 running WP8. If I am missing something fundamental in my ignorance of other platforms, please tell...
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