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Autopay stops working every month


Autopay stops working every month

I've been enrolled in Autopay since day-one, and have never had a problem until recently. Every month, my bill does not 'autopay' even though my statement says my card on file will be charged. I have called customer support 3 times, and I get the same runaround: new card, cancelled card, blah, blah, blah, like I wouldn't have thought of THAT myself!


The website shows the right card, the card works for numerous other autopays (including Uverse and my land line), yet every month it stops working for my wireless account. The only connection I can make is that autopay stopped working when I changed one of my kid's phones over to my old iPhone 3G.


I'm tired of dealing with the phone reps who only seem to be interested in getting me to pay my bill on the spot. Every time I call, I have to tell them the problem is on their end, not mine, and it's their own fault they did not get paid. They keep adding autopay back on my account, and every month is falls off again.


Anyone else have this problem? Hope this board is moderated and I can get some help beyond the level 1 phone reps, this is very frustrating.

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Re: Autopay stops working every month

When they are adding auto pay back, is that happening after they make a payment? If not this is what may be happening. If the card on file in the system that CSR's use has expired, or is a different card with the same number but different Exp date or different code on the back they may be actually signing up using the wrong card. I'd suggest if it fails to call and ask the rep to make a payment, and instead of using the card on file, provide the numbers (all of them, not just the last 4) again, then when the payment is accepted sign up for auto pay during that transaction. That way you are sure that the card on file is the card that is supposed to be used.
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Re: Autopay stops working every month

Thanks for the reply. What usually happens is I go to the website and make the payment manually, then I call customer support and advise them that autopay is not working on my account again. The rep usually asks for the complete card number, exp and security code and sets up autopay again. I have asked the rep to review the card on file as well, and it's the right one. 


I will try calling and making the payment via phone and setting up autopay at the same time, and cross my fingers Smiley Happy

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Re: Autopay stops working every month

So, when you call  CSR and have them manually process your payment using the same card that is currently failing via Auto pay,  you are saying the manual charge goes through and the bill is paid. 


Does CSR give a reason why it is failing? Wht exactly are they seeing (or can they see the failed transaction in their system and provide you with what it states?)


I never liked auto pay due to a similar issue where i cancelled a card and received  a new card within a week.  All was done before the auto pay was to hit.   i logged on and  changed card#s days before .   And sure enough, the old card got hit, flagging my account . 


Finally cancelled the auto pay and just use 'scheduled payments'  online since i logon to check my account regularly.  Or if i am away, i pay via my cellphone.  Never had a prob since.

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Re: Autopay stops working every month

here is the reason autopay is failing

if autopay is disrupted and has been cancelled you will need to set up the autopay again...but remember this it takes one full bill cycle for it to kick-in so if payment isnt by 2 days before your due date then its not going to take the payment.. make sure once enrolled pay your bill as normal then it will kick in also if your just paying the past due balance instead of balance in full ($0.00) remaining then it will never kick in as autopay doesnt deduct if past due balance is on account.


I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent AT&T’s positions, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Autopay stops working every month

Yeah it took mine two or three bills before it finally kicked in. Now it works flawlessly so much so I stopped reading the bills which I know isn't good. I just check to see what amount was deducted.
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Re: Autopay stops working every month

Autopay worked fine for several months but recently has become a disaster. The first time I was contacted by AT&T regarding late payment.  I called and asked how my auto payment could be late. Customer service had no record of my enrollment so I resubmitted all the information.  A couple months later my phone services turned off for nonpayment with no notice. Once again customer service had me resubmit all the information.  I received a verification of payment e-mail, but a week later the services was cut off again for non payment.  This time customer service said the payment was returned.  I asked why the payment was returned and was told that my bank never paid it.  Although  that didn't make sense, I paid by credit card and asked to be removed from autopay. I was told I would receive two e-mails.  One to verify payment, which I received.  Another to verify cancelation of autopay.  That never came.   I was also told I am going to be charged a reinstatement fee.  I went to my bank and they verified that no request for payment was received from at&t. 


I would not recommend auto pay, or AT&T, to anyone.  I think they deliberately remove people from autopay so they can fraudulently bill for reinstatement. 





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