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Auto-refill problems (Next Auto-refill date: 01/01/1900)


Auto-refill problems (Next Auto-refill date: 01/01/1900)



I signed up for auto-refill for my GoPhone plan today. However, in step two it wants me to choose my start date for this service. Underneath is a blank space where I can't type at all. When I look at my settings for my account this is what shows up: 

Next Auto-Refill date: 01/01/1900



What should I do? Should I add money manually to my account or will it still collect my payment a day before my plan expires, like I chose? I don't want to pay twice.


Thank you

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Re: Auto-refill problems (Next Auto-refill date: 01/01/1900)

Does that particular box have one of those scroll menus where you can select a specific year?

If auto renewal does not seem to be working, I would still continue to refill your account manually.

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