Are all zte phones cheaply made?


Are all zte phones cheaply made?

I have a 431 that I use as a backup phone when working outside. I've been through two of these and both go to no signal frequently. No other att phones do this that I've had so I know it's the phones. I'm not talking low signal I mean none like you are in airplane mode or similar. Just curious no big issue since its a backup phone.
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Re: Are all zte phones cheaply made?

I haven't seen any discussions around that issue but I'm sorry you're having a problem. 


Have you tried any troubleshooting with the phones? Do you use a SIM card in it?


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Have check with ur sim card i believe its a sim card !

Hi think u have problems with ur sim card have a check on ur sim card , before that do a master clear check out and call up  the manufactures once too they will help u!

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Re: Are all zte phones cheaply made?

I am on the cricket net work and my first phone that still have is the zte engage and have the best signal with it I liked it so much that I bought the zte source about the same size as the samsung galaxy s 3 and about the same specs I would much rather use use zte over samsung .could it be your location?
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