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Apple's Latest Issue With Samsung?


Apple's Latest Issue With Samsung?

Hey everyone.  I just read an article from today about Apple seeking to ban sales in the United States of Samsung phones that are similar in appearance and design to the iPhone.  If Apple does win, which they did with the last one, and the ban is enforced, will that mean that we as consumers will have less choice in what smart phones we have to choose from in the future? 

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Re: Apple's Latest Issue With Samsung?

For a second time, Judge Lucy Koh rules that remarks about protecting patents from foreign companies weren't enough to sway jury. But she admonishes Apple's legal team.
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Re: Apple's Latest Issue With Samsung?

Apple files for patents on everything, even the stuff they stole from others. I would love to see the companies Apple stole those ideas from sue Apple to invalidate the patents, but many of those companies are gone, or in hard enough financial times that they can't take on the battle.

Actually, it didn't get much press, but I think Samsung won a court case against Apple for a few patent infringements. It is still tied up in appeals.
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