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Anyone Trying out the iOS 7 Beta?


Anyone Trying out the iOS 7 Beta?

As we know a few days ago Apple embraced us with there new iOS which will be available to the Public this Fall

anyway I noticed Apple have a Beta of this available and I couldnt help but want to try it out before its general public release Smiley Happy


Question is has anyone else here installed it? 


if so whats your opinion? waiting for others input before I spill my view Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Anyone Trying out the iOS 7 Beta?

Of course i do! Its still "lacking" and I'm aware its Beta but somethings you would think would have been implemented by now just like in Mavericks (ex. Quick Reply). I guess there is still hope!

And there is always a way back (not claiming older firmware (unless you have an older device with SHSH's), just whats being signed by Apple)

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Re: Anyone Trying out the iOS 7 Beta?

Hi @ Wild Banchi,


Sorry about my late reply I kinda had alot of Kitchen appliances decide to give up on me over the past few

weeks, it has been hectic Smiley Frustratedwithout those but im sorted again Smiley Happy


btw im glad u are sorted now and MMS'ing again... it seems a miracle that it works after cursing at it on here

lol maybe big brother is definitely watching Smiley LOL


if your friend happens to hassle you to upgrade your phone to iOS 7 and it has the same problem all over 

"Simply torture them - it shouldn't give you any problems though I don't think" hehe


Apple Seem to coming out with frequent updates for it as we're already on Beta 3 

im happy to say "fleBay App" is working again ive noticed perhaps a problem with the Sim Pin

(Sometimes the option wont come up for you to enter your Pin Code) 



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