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Another early upgrade question


Another early upgrade question

Sorry for starting another one of these threads, but I hunted everywhere and couldn't find what I'm looking for. I'm probably just blind or dumb.


I'm on a family plan that is in my mom's name. My phone isn't currently available for an upgrade, and won't be for another 10 months or so. I'm currently using a non-data phone, whatever the free offering for a text+talk phone without data options was roughly 14 months ago. 


Now my understanding is that if I wanted to upgrade early from a smartphone to a smartphone, the cost would be $250 early upgrade fee + $36 upgrade fee + $subsidized cost of the new phone, which in my case would be roughly $486 as I'm wanting the HTC one. 


Does the $250 early upgrade fee still apply if I currently use a "dumb" phone? If it does, why wouldn't I cancel my contract with ATT, which would cost ($150 - ($4 * 14mo.)) + $200 (the cost of the phone on a new contract with another carrier) for a total of less than $300? Even if I had to pay the next month's subscription costs for the line, it would still come out to less than $400. However, I'm not sure how that works on a family plan, so I could be totally wrong.


If someone could clarify, that would be excellent. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Another early upgrade question

Hmm your calculations don't seem to be wrong, but remember, the taxes must also be added.

The $36 upgrade fee will not be charged when you buy the HTC One, it would be applied to your next bill. However you are correct that the $250 would be added to the subsidized price of the HTC One. So instead of $486, it would be more like $450

As far as canceling you contract and signings a new one, the issue here is that you would forfeit your current number. In addition to this, you would not be considered a new customer for about 4- 6 months.
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