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ATT voice callig via home wifi?


ATT voice callig via home wifi?

I have my own smart, unlocked, phone (android). I use it for voice and text with "go-phone" sim card. I do not have data plan on the phone.


ATT signal at my house sux. Is there any way to use my home wi-fi router to conect to ATT for voice/text service? I have comcast cable with netgear router. The phone is setup to access internet via wi-fi. I am basically trying to find a way to boost my ATT signal strength using my wi-fi router for voice/text via my att phone number.


Thanks ahead

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Re: ATT voice callig via home wifi?

AT&T offers a femtocell called the MicroCell which is a VoIP device that uses your internet connection to make cell phone calls when the in-home signal is weak or non-existent. However, it currently only works with active post paid accounts. There are signal boosters available but they just attenuate the macrocell (tower) signal but do work well for some.


MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

I am not an AT&T employee. For additional help, please send a PM to ATTMobilityCare

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Re: ATT voice callig via home wifi?

If using your AT&T number is necessary, Otto Pylot's suggestion is the way to go. 


If you can use a different phone number, you can get a Google Voice phone number and get the GrooVe IP app to make calls over Wi-fi.  You can link your AT&T number to your Google Voice number so that even if someone calls your Google Voice number while you are away from your Wi-fi network (and in cellular range), you can still receive their calls.

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