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ATT sneaked in a 2 yr contract!! Help needed.


ATT sneaked in a 2 yr contract!! Help needed.

Hello Admins,

I need assitance with my issue.


Till April, I had an AT&T family plan with 2 lines. I already had my employer discount on my account, I have had it on for many years and continue working for the same employer. In May, I had my relative from overseas visiting me for a few months. So I went to an AT&T store, took my OWN old phone, ask them to added a 3rd line. I specifically told them I don't want a new phone and no contracts. 


The Rep said fine... asked me to pick a number, then for some reason couldn't activate that. Then asked me to pick a second number, then successfully activated that sim after a rather long wait. I paid 36 activation fees etc, all that's fine. 


NOTE: I have the customer service summary printout from that visit, and on the last page under ETFs it shows this new line has "0-Months" under remaining periord (i.e. no contract on it!)


Now 4 months later, I don't have a need for that 3rd line. I called to have it cancelled and I am told there is a contract on that very line! What's going on...


My call was then transferred to a floor supervisor, bottomline after researching & listening, she said the store rep for whatever reason removed and re-added my company discount to add that line... She futher said that there was no need to do that.   She said she has made notes on my account but I have to pay a visit to a store again to get this corrected?  I am now having to run around...   This is very disturbing having been an cigular/ATT customer for a long time. Please suggest the correct person who can help me with this.





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Re: ATT sneaked in a 2 yr contract!! Help needed.

Hello gcretro,


I'm sorry for the issues you're having with AT&T. I can certainly understand your frustration, it should have been communicated better. You company's discount profile requires a 2 year contract on all new lines, even if you're using your own equipment. When the line was added without a discount, service summary showed "0 months commitment" but when it was added back on, the 2 year contract was automatically added per your company's agreement with AT&T. Don't worry though, it will be fixed. Your best bet is to talk to the store rep/manager as was suggested by customer care rep. They can confirm that there was no equipment purchased on that line and with the note from customer care they will be able to cancel your line without any termination fees. The problem they have when you call is that they might not be able to see a receipt from the activation, so they can't verify that you didn't buy a phone and cancel if the line shows up under contract.


Please, let me know if you have any questions.




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