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AT&T should slow you down after 10 gigabytes


AT&T should slow you down after 10 gigabytes

I feel this should apply to everyone on a contract with AT&T. I respect the loyalty you give to your long time customers, but the new customers who have to pay overage fees on there data is not fare. 5 gigabytes is not enough in the world we live in where social media is very important. 10 gigabytes is just right then you slow us down
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Re: AT&T should slow you down after 10 gigabytes

Are you referring to grandfathered unlimited plans that get throttled after 5GB?  It would nice if the limit were raised--AT&T has done it before when they introduced the LTE service but I wouldn't hold your breath.  If they do it won't be to 10GB--maybe 7GB.  

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Re: AT&T should slow you down after 10 gigabytes

Yes I'm referring to the grandfather unlimited, and the costumers who don't have it. Everyone should be under the same data plan, $30 of unlimited data which after, 10GB you are slowed down. I guess 7GB is a step up but a not a game changer T-Mobile last year gain 4.4 billion users because of there unlimited plans, granted they don't have the coverage at&t has nor the speed but unlimited data is a major selling point, I also feel like the family data plans are terrible, for example a family of four sharing 10GB is crazy I feel like in two time the 10GB would have been used up and then the overages fees begin I think is fare to say please stop overages fees on data that's is why most people are leaving
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Re: AT&T should slow you down after 10 gigabytes

Keep in mind its in AT&T's interest to keep your throttling limit as low as they can get away with since it makes you more likely to leave your unlimited plan someday and pay for overages.  


I think the only chance that AT&T would raise the limit is if their currently available tiered data plans drop in price to the point where you could get 10GB of data for the same price as what we are paying for unlimited plans throtteld at 5GB.  I think that's a ways off yet even with competition heating up with T-mobile.


However, they structured the new plans so that its not exactly comparable to the old ones.  



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Re: AT&T should slow you down after 10 gigabytes

There are quite a few allotments to choose from, 10gb is not the highest the plans go. Also, use 10gb of data one would need to be using a lot of it... Is there no WiFi at your place of residence? If not then looking at a 15 or 20gb plan would make sense, the cost difference is not huge. On mobile share the 10gb allotment is $100 and the 20gb is $150, $50 more dollars would give you 20gb of data. I am constantly on my devices and we barely reach 5gb, giving my family another 5gb to potentially tether. I suggest looking at billing history to track usage just for fun, I assumed always that I was using much more data than I actually do. Devices: Samsung note 3, s4, Nexus tablet, iPad 2, laptop (the last 2 are tethered devices)
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