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AT&T bad service, bad store. please check that francize store


AT&T bad service, bad store. please check that francize store

I went into the AT&T store at 338 Westshore Plaza, Suite A10, tampa Florida 33609 at the Westshore mall. This happened around 10am on Tuesday March 4th.

That store only focus on what bennefits that store. The manager has no interest helping on customer service related problems he does not benefit from. He only has interest of selling phones etc. 


I told the guy (who I believe is the assisten manager since he has a different uniform and no nametag on his shirt…) that I have tried to call AT&T 4 times and they have not been able to solve my problem and that I had to got to an AT&T store since my name is on the account but only valid in the AT&T store.

My problem is that another person at our company is in UK and cannot use his phone. It says only emergency contact. We tried to call AT&T to unblock the phone so he can make international calls.

He interrupts me and tell me in front of all the other customers in the store that AT&T would NEVER do that. I get very surprised that he don’t believe me and try to talk against me rather than trying to help me.

I tell him that I know this is true since I travel a lot abroad. Sometimes my corporate office forget to call AT&T to unblock my international call and then I have to email them and after they have called AT&T I restart my phone and it will work again.

He interrupts me again and says the same thing. AT&T can’t block your phone. Its not possible. Your phone will work abroad. He gets load and says it would be illegal for AT&T to block our phones for international calling.

(I get upset. He  interrupts me several time, embarrassing me in front of other costumers there as what I say is not true. He does not focus on trying to help me and solve the problem. He just trying to pick fights. I can’t believe he is acting like that.)

I tell him I’ve been in the store several minutes and told him about my problem, and that he shows no interest in solving the problem. I point at the Ipad that’s in the store and say he could at least check the phone number and see if he can solve the problem.

He answer me, “No, I can’t do that! You have to call customer service”. -Seriously?

“Yes, I can’t help corporate companies.”

I ask him why he is standing there and lying to me several times instead of trying to solve my problems. We have about 10 phone number in the company and are not a big corporation.

He still don’t check anything up, and does not try to solve anything. “His simcard probably went bad when he flew to UK”

I’m so surprised of the bad service I get. Simcard went bad?? There’s more than 10000planes everyday over the US. That the simcard went bad because he was flying cant be the most likely solution for this problem??? It fly a lot and know many that does too. Simcards normally does not get bad by flying.

The service associate in the store is now available. I turn to him, ignore the manager, and ask if he can check up the account and phone number. 5minutes later he has solved the problem!  

Who is in charge of that store?

I took a business card where it state “Company Owned Retail” Is that guy taking care of the store in a non-controlled francize agreement with AT&T?? The employee in the store was very helpful and professional. All credit to him! I guess he got trained outside this store with AT&T customer service training. Someone have to check up this store.

The manager are very helpful when it comes to selling phones and new simcards, but he does not have any interest to solve other problems (that probably not make any income for him). 

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Re: AT&T bad service, bad store. please check that francize store

Hello @bpamerica 


I'm very sorry you've had this bad experience at the store, we appreciate your feedback and will forward it to the right people.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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