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AT&T are a bunch of crooks


AT&T are a bunch of crooks

I recently hadn't phone disconnected because of a non-payment,(Just lost track of the billing cycle) So as soon as they turned it off, I paid my bill in full...Now this month I have a additional 40 dollar charge to reactivate my phone...So I called customer service, and was told I get one free be per account, that I used over 2 years ago...So for the last 2 yrs I have been good on my bill. To me this is insane!!! If I decide to keep my line for another 5 or 10 yrs, then on my 10th year of service I forget to pay the bill again, I'm gonna be charged for something that happened 8yrs prior? Where is the customer loyalty? I pay a company thousands of dollars over the life span of my contracts and they can't wave a 40 dollar fee??? Sadly all large companies are like this and AT&T is no different. You guys are all a bunch of crooks!!
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Re: AT&T are a bunch of crooks

you subscribe to a service, fail to pay your bill, and those providing the service are the crooks? i don't understand.

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Re: AT&T are a bunch of crooks

The $40 Restoral fee is a standard fee applied to all accounts that are shut off due to non payment.

I apologize for this inconvinience, we offer a variety of features for you to track your bill. You said you lost track of your billing cycle. Perhaps downloading the MYATT App on your smart phone, or enroll in Paperless billing, and you can always track your bill online by registering your account.


For your convinience you can always set up Auto-Pay as well.



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Re: AT&T are a bunch of crooks

I to unfortunately have encountered this restoral fee due to losing track because of life commitments.  I am full aware of apps they offer, auto pay, paperless billing, and any other plan they can think of to recover payment for service.  I have been a long time AT&T customer and feel that a $40 restoral fee is an unfair amount considering i always pay my bill.  I received no notification as to when service would be disconnected after a certain amount of days as you would normally receive from other public utilities companies (Even AT&T for LandLine and Business Services).  I have paperless billing which is received via my email, and not once was sent a deliquency notice outside of billing with past due amount, or suspension notice; yet I receive countless other emails advertising their other services/products.  My billing was two cycles past due which i understand is my fault, however where are the legal notices/documents that can be found for the duration of delinquency before service is disconnected and fees associated?  I have asked two AT&T represenatives and neither of them could provide this information to me.  I think AT&T should provide more transparency as well as anyone else encountering this to file complaints with their State's Public Utilities Commision. 

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