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AT&T Unlimited Data Plan


AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

I have AT&T unlimited Plan for my IPhone, but AT&T slow my speed when I use my data over 5g, I test the speed, it's dial up Speed with 3G signal now! I call the customer Service, but She said I do have unlimited Access, but only in Dial up Speed after I use over 5g. Is any one have the same problem as me? AT&T try cheat on me change my unlimited plan to the limited plan. I feel upset about that, I stay service with AT&T for couple years, and finally How is AT&T treat the old customer? I should let any one knows it.
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Re: AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

Jeremy_Brown wrote:
I can honestly say that if the slowdown restriction is not removed immediately from my grandfathered unlimited plan, I will be moving my carrier to another service. There are carriers who offer unlimited data with no restrictions, and offer contract buyouts to transfer.

Tomorrow I plan on investigating this fully.

Unfortunately this isn't going to be removed. Those other carriers that you speak of here, do not have as many subscribers on their unlimited plan and therefore don't have the problem of network congestion yet. They also don't have the amount of LTE coverage that AT&T does.  

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Re: AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

I did a basic google search of various other companies (company name + throttle). Straighttalk throttles after 2.5gb, Metropcs 2gb Sprint reserves the right to throttle, but I haven't found a specific usage amount, but they do do it. Verizon, no longer offered, AT&T no longer offered.


Current speeds for iphones are too fast to maintain an indefinite unlimited speed.
It's a tough truth to face. If you do find an unlimited internet, it will be at a limited speed.

Even many wireline companies are starting to struggle with that, and are beginning to limit.


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