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AT&T Service Opinions in Cleveland, Ohio


AT&T Service Opinions in Cleveland, Ohio

I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and I am currently with Verizon Wireless.  My coverage has been great, voice is great, and 4g LTE has been great also.   I am thinking about moving over to AT&T and I just wanted to get everybodies opinion on the service and data speeds on AT&T in this area.  Verizons phone selection is garbage and i cannnot stand being locked down with CDMA... so not able to buy phones unlocked at cheaper prices... hello Nexus!!!  I am interested in Voice quality, 4g LTE speeds and reliablitly, etc.   Thanks for your opinions...   

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Re: AT&T Service Opinions in Cleveland, Ohio

Just so you know unlocked nexus don't support lte at the moment. But with hspa+ you should still get great download speeds. I have nexus 4 and I get about 5mbs download speed and great call quality
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