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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue


AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue

To whom it may concern,

I’m hoping you can assist with a warranty issue. On June 21, 2013, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4, through Best Buy in Moline, IL.  I purchased the phone for $199 and had it activated in the store. I have been extremely pleased with this phone and have been recommending it to my friends, family, and coworkers. Approximately 10 days ago I noticed what appeared to be a tiny scratch (the size of a ball point pen) on the upper left hand corner of the screen, I tried cleaning the screen to determine if it was indeed a scratch.  After cleaning the screen, the minor scratch remained but I noticed the scratch was not on the surface of the screen.  The scratch is underneath the screen, you can see it but when you run your finger over it you cannot feel it.  After discovering the scratch 10 days ago, it has become larger day by day and is now approximately an inch long (from the top left hand corner straight down the screen vertically).

I took the phone in to Best Buy where I purchased it and they had me speak to their in store Samsung representative.  The representative said it appeared to be a heat crack under the screen (from overheating during use or while charging). The glass is not cracked. It is the display beneath the glass, in the upper left hand corner. I was told there was nothing they can do in store and to visit an AT&T store.  I went ahead and went across the street to the AT&T store in Moline, IL.  They looked at my phone for approximately 30 seconds and said I would have to call AT&T customer support.  I called AT&T customer support and explained the situation to them.  AT&T customer support advised me that they would have to transfer me to Samsung.  I was transferred to Samsung and they said they could look at the phone and repair it under manufacturer warranty but I would have to send my phone in to them and I would be without a phone for 5 – 7 days.  This is not acceptable, this phone is my personal phone and work phone.  I then called AT&T back and explained Samsung’s response.  At this point the AT&T representative said I can take the phone in to an AT&T Certified Technical repair store and they can authorize A&T providing me with a brand new replacement Samsung Galaxy S4.  The  AT&T representative looked up the closest store to me that is certified for technical repair, and unfortunately it is 3 hours away from me.  Instead of spending $150 in gas to go to the store and have them inspect my phone, I called them.  They informed me that since it was a crack, regardless of the fact it is under the display, there is nothing they would be able to do.

I wish to dispute that, as it was never dropped or sat on or subjected to any physical stress whatsoever. The phone has regular wear and tear from being in my front pocket but has not dents or cracks (other than the crack under the display).  The phone has been in an OtterBox Defender case after having the phone for a week (case arrived on June 27th after ordering it online).  All the AT&T representative and employees (as well as Samsung’s) have been very courteous and professional, but unfortunately unable to help.

I have had AT&T Wireless service for 7+ several years and upgrade consistently every 18 – 24 months.  I have had a couple of Samsung Blackjacks, a Motorola Q, iPhone 3GS, and an iPhone 4S with absolutely no issues.  My Samsung Galaxy S4 is not even 60 days (2 months) old and I am already  experiencing an issue that I never once had with any of my other phones. This is clearly a manufacturing defect as I have read several other similar stories online. I am aware that many phone abusers will be untruthful when they claim the phone was not abused or stressed, but that is not the case here.

I believe the phone should be replaced at no charge. Hopefully, you can assist me with replacement of my phone because I financially cannot afford to be without a phone for 5 – 7 days in order for Samsung to repair/replace it (again, this phone is my work phone as well and I literally would not be able to work without a phone). Thank you in advance for your consideration.



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Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue



Hello Eric, thank you for your post welcome to the forums.


I'm very sorry you're having issues with your new Galaxy S4 phone. This is an unusual issue, but I'm sure we can help you find the best solution. We have a team of amazing managers that will be able to assist you. Please send us a private message by clicking here, include your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached. You'll be contacted by a manager within 2 business days.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks again,


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Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue

I kinda have the same issue. i was driving, my phone was in its holster and it was on charge. it had around 40% when i plugged it in. then it kept saying connected to media device(plugged in thru my cd player usb port). it did this for a couple mins i think. so i switched to the cigarette lighter port then turned it off to charge. tried to turn it back on. and the screen wouldnt come on and the screen underneath looks busted. i can see little cracks underneath the screen. called AT&T went thru the whole process and the lady said it would be covered as long as it was underneath and no cracks on the outside. kinda scared for them to inspect it and call it physical damage tho. another thing is now my charger cable wont work and my cigarette plug in fuse is busted as well. like it surged and busted my screen. any one have any input on this? thanks in advance.

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Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue

Your warranty is with Samsung, not AT&T. AT&T's offer to swap it out for a brand new one was pretty much pure generosity.


Signing up with a carrier that doesn't have a store near you was your decision.

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Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue

This is not a helpful post. AT&T is a distriutor of Samsung's product. One would think that striving to resolve known and widespread issues such as this (just google it to find out), AT&T would have a response besides the false claim that it is "unusual" (its not). My wife purchased a Galaxy S4 and we received it after 8PM last night. We registered the phone, put the case on it, and went to bed. The hone was on a dresser in the bedroom. Upon awaking in the morning less than 12 hours later the screen was cracked. This is not unusual as you can see if you google "samsung galaxy s4 crack screen issue". The response that "[it was your choice to sign up with a provider that does not have a service center near you]" is breathlessly obtuse.

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Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue

I really hope someone can help me.

On 11/29/2013 me and my wife added 2 lines and got 2 Galaxy S4's. Great phones! We both bought cases and screen protectors. Literally one week later on Friday 12/06/2013 we had a freezing ice storm here in Texas. I went to work that day and I accidentally left my phone in my car. After about an hour or so I was looking for it and remembered I left it in my car. Anyway, I went back into my office and after a little while I went to call my wife. The screen would not turn on. The two bottom buttons would come on but no screen. I couldn't understand what happened so I left it alone until I could get home and spend some time looking at it. Later that night I tried to reset it. I took the battery out. Nothing seemed to work. I started looking real close at the screen and very faintly you can see three cracks. They are at the top right of the screen. I was completely floored by what I saw. The phone is in pristine condition, so I'm absolutely unclear how this happened.

Later that night I was on AT&T website chatting with customer service. They said I could replace it under warranty. She said she would send me a new one. OK, great. Well I got the package today and started reading the inside material. It states that if the phone is cracked I am responsible for paying for the replacement. That is absolutely not acceptable. I can understand if I had dropped the phone or misused it, but that is not the case. When you look at the phone you can see it is pristine like I just pulled it out of the box. We have been with AT&T for a long time and have been very happy with the level of service we receive. I really hope some one can contact me with a resolution. I have the replacement, but I'm not turning it on until someone contacts me. Thank you for your time and attention.

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Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue

Hello, jgable01!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that your phone screen appears to be cracked, and I understand your hesitation to activate the new one. If you don't mind, please send us a private message by clicking here so we can investigate further.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!



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Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue

i had the same problem call samsung s4 direct have to get a temp phone 11days turn around fixed my phone for free under the warranty same problem like the others on here perfect condition outside 18007267864 forget their warranty just s people there with fix your phone not some junk some one abused fixing mine for free shipping and back and forth
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Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Issue

just have the custumer call samsung get a shipping e label they will fix it for free 11 days turn around 8007267829 will need to purchase other cheap phone to have phone service no questions problem with screen as long at the outside is not damaged  must be under the year warranty period to get it fixed for free

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