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I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 on the 25th of July this year over the phone instead of at the store as I just gave birth to a baby and did not want to expose my newborn to long wait lines at the local stores especially since he was not feeling well. Being a single mom this was going to be my one splurge of the year. I received a phone whose battery drained within 2 hours with minimal to no use. I called a customer care rep within 24 hours and was told that he would help me get this sorted out and I would be sent a brand new phone as this should not be happening with a new phone - he just needed to get me to another customer care rep. I kept waiting on the phone and then suddenly the phone got cut. After that every one I spoke with over the next few days with a minimum of 2 hours wait tried to advise me to troubleshoot the problems. I tried everything suggested with no luck.


Finally after a few days of speaking with more reps who put me on hold for countless hours I was asked to speak with the warranty department who ran diagnostics over the phone and told me they could not figure out what was wrong so they would send me a warranty replacement phone. I received the warranty replacement phone which would not even start so I called AT&T back to figure out what to do next. I was told then that AT&T REPS HAD MADE A MISTAKE AND WERE SUPPOSED TO OFFER ME BUYERS REMORSE OPTION INSTEAD OF WARRANTY REPLACEMENT AS I WAS WITHIN THE 2 WEEK TIME FRAME!


I was then transferred to a rep named Aisha who sent me 2 return labels and told me to send both phones back and I would be credited the $213.99 I had been charged for the phone and $35 for the upgrade activation as soon as AT&T received the phone. I was told to go to the local AT&T store to get my old phone reactivated. At the AT&T store the rep changed my sim from the Samsung galaxy S4 back to my old phone and told me I needed to go to a UPS store to return the two phones. I had asked the reps if the poor packaging of the replacement was the reason for a non-working phone and if I should do something about it and they assured me the packaging however flimsy was not my concern. Regardless, I got the phones packaged really well and sent it back to AT&T. I received an email saying a package had been received by AT&T but nothing more - it did not say whether both phones were received or only one or anything more.


2 days ago I received a package in the mail with a completely shattered phone saying that is what AT&T had received and I have to pay $579 for the phone. I called customer care where again I was placed on hold as the agents had to converse with their supervisors, after waiting for hours I was told by a supervisor names Jenny that she had spoken with warranty and was going to resolve this issue for me but warranty disconnected and I had to try calling AT&T back again. I felt like I was explaining my case for the millionth time but I did and this time the agent put me on hold indefinitely as he was going to discuss my case with a manager but did not know when the manager would be available. He was ridiculously rude, I kept trying to tell him that if he could only connect me back with Jenny maybe or let me speak with the manager but he started yelling at me saying I had no other option but to forego the $213.99 and that I would have to pay $199 more for an insurance claim on the phone so I would be sent another phone but that phone would not be a new one.


I called back again today to speak to someone different and explain what had happened yet again and was able to speak with a rep called Gary who sounded really nice and helpful. He explained that he would investigate my case and try to make sure a resolution was reached this afternoon. He finally got back to me after a long wait time saying warranty department had not been helpful but he had explained my situation to a manager and told me that he would call or text me to let me know that the situation had resolved so that it would be like none of this had ever happened and all of the charged would be wiped from my account. I had faith after my conversation with Gary and have been waiting all day but have not heard anything so far. 


All this for a phone I was never able to use and for mistakes on part of the reps for not guiding me right and warranty sending me a faulty handset to begin with. All this time I have wasted over the phone with AT&T trying to resolve a situation and all this grief when I should really be enjoying motherhood with my newborn!!! All because I was trying to resolve the situation the right way!!!

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Sorry to hear that you had to go through such a mess.. 


I'd suggest that you send a Private Message to ATTCustomer Care here on this forum..they're not the same CC reps that you would talk to over the phone. They work in the forums during their regular business hours and hopefully they can get this resolved for you. 

Please include a brief description of the issue you are having, your name, email address, phone number, and the best time to be reached. Please allow up to 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS for a Representative to contact you. You can expect a reply via return PM between the hours of 7am-10pm CST.


Congrats on your new baby, too! 



     we live & learn~

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Thank you! I will try that.

Zaina {Personal content removed for your safety}

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Former Employee

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I apologize for all the confusion with your new phone! We will absolutely look into that for you. You can expect a private message from us in the next couple of business days. To check your messages for a reply, simply click on the little blue envelope in the top right corner of your screen. In the meantime, feel free to send me a private message here with any other questions or concerns!



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Re: AT

Thank you I look forward to your response.



[edited for privacy]

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Re: AT

Hi Mariana,


I am sending you a message regarding my post yesterday. I received a private message from a CC Rep from MyAT&T Social Media Team who was trying to look into my account and help me resolve the situation. I received a few emails with questions from her yesterday and then suddenly stopped receiving any correspondence. I have not been informed of anything that has been done regarding my account so far. Please advise.

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