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AT&T Renewed my contract without my knowledge


AT&T Renewed my contract without my knowledge

We upgraded a phone in 2012 and had been customers for years. When we upgraded the phone we asked if this would renew our contract and we were told it wouldn't. Turns out they renewed it without our knowledge and we are being charged an ETF for switching with two months left on our "contract."


In our case AT&T was also unwilling to do anything to assist us. I've initiated a complaint through the better business bureau and will be filling one with the FTC. I'm also considering a complaint with the Attorney General's office. 



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Re: AT&T Renewed my contract without my knowledge

Or you deal with a company that doesn't hide the details. One day after changing to the MSV plan you find out the upgrade details. You ask to go back to your old plan and the answer is, "We will submit your request and see what happens".

They hid the details to move people to where they wanted them to be.
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Re: AT&T Renewed my contract without my knowledge

The reps lied to you. This is very very common. Please update the thread if your FTC or AG complaints produce results. (The BBB are paid by ATT, not the customers, and might get you a call back but you are not likely to get help.)
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Re: AT&T Renewed my contract without my knowledge

This is very common it seems that it is AT&Ts second nature to misinform people. They told me
How to avoid being charged internationally and assured me I would not be yet they charged me
Anyway. They are very rude and once they have access to your accounts and money they act as if your concerns aren't important to them. It is safe to say that AT&T is the WORST WIRELESS PROVIDER
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