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AT&T Customer Service is hit or miss. Corporate policies are not customer friendly.


AT&T Customer Service is hit or miss. Corporate policies are not customer friendly.

Just posting to share my experience with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 that was purchased about two weeks ago through ATT telesales. 


Phone worked great - everything was awesome. Suddenly, when the phone discharged to zero percent, it died. From that point on, it would never take another charge or turn on. All my data/photos/texts gone in a heartbeat.


Now begins the runarounds that is corporate customer service. 


1) Brought phone into AT&T Store in fresh meadows, NY. Was told that they only sold phones and could not fix and that I was out of 14 day return window (It was like 16th day!). Referred me to DSC. Fair enough


2) DSC (Device support center) informed me that phone battery was dead. Took about five minutes in the back troubleshooting. Issued a next day shipment of a battery. Cool! That's good service. Folks there were friendly, if not unknowledgeable. (see next)


3) New battery/other battery from another S4 that had 70% charge fails to turn the device on. Really wishing the DSC tech had looked at my phone a bit more thoroughly before concluding that battery was defunct.


4) Spoke to  tech support chat with a very friendly person name "Allysa." Exemplary customer service - amongst the best and friendliest I have ever received anywhere. Had her speaking to me via chat for over half an hour. Apologized for my problems and recommended that I try to get in contact with sales to return the phone and repurchase. 


5) Spoke to sales/some other people at tech support/customer support via chat and telephone - not much help. Finally got connected to a sales person named "Manhara". Outsourced indian accent - totally fine with me. She said that unfortunately she couldn't do a return since it's just out of 14 day buyer's remorse period. But seeing as how I was without my phone for 3-4 days and in ANOTHER state on vacation during the time that it died, how could I possibly have gotten to a store in time? NO EXCEPTIONS. She told me to go to a local store to plead my case, and that she would call me at a specific time to try to broker a deal or something with the store.


6) Went to the store in fresh meadows. Manager by the name of Angel wouldn't speak to me. Spoke to a nice girl named Sara who understood my dilemma but unfortunately was powerless to help. Called ATT sales to try to help further. Denied by both rep and her supervisor. NEVER received a call from Manhara (the earlier sales rep) that was promised to me, despite hours passing since her promised time.


7) Went home disgruntled and called warranty support. Told me they would ship another replacement though it was like new - basically REFURBISHED. Explained to her that I had been without a phone for several days now and asked for faster shipping. Rep explained that priority shipping costs 15 dollars. Asked her to check with supervisor, who eventually had it waived.


And now here I am. Thanks for listening. I guess if I wanted a REFURBISHED phone as a replacement for a NEW phone that i just got TWO AND A HALF weeks ago, this would have been resolved sooner. But nope. Despite the best intentions of some of the customer support staff i spoke to (Allysa Hansen, Sara), corporate policies cannot bend and I am left basically feeling jipped and let down.


It's all right though. After being a faithful AT&T wireless customer for around 7 years, this experience has taught me that I should move on at the end of my contracts. Sure, customer service elsewhere is likely to be no better, but with my corporate FAN discounts, ATT hasn't been the cheapest option. Four phones with data plans costing north of 200 a month, and this is what I can expect I suppose.


Thanks for listening. Keep in mind that I work in customer service too, and have been for many years.


P.S. I guess I could also have gone to Samsung for a replacement, and possibly had better luck there, but then I would have to wait even longer without a phone. And since I receive numerous business related calls, this was simply not an option.


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Re: AT&T Customer Service is hit or miss. Corporate policies are not customer friendly.

Thank you for your post Apothecary1. Is the warranty replacement phone working out for you? 

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