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A reasonable request


A reasonable request

Dear AT&T,


On 3/11/2014, six days ago, and seven years after I signed up with AT&T, I was mislead into upgrading an iPhone 5 to a 5s by a customer service representative and a deceptive online order process at


If this matter cannot be settled as I propose below, I request that AT&T restore my previous service and take back the iPhone 5s, reversing all charges and without making any new ones. If that is not possible, I will file a 93A demand letter with the Massachussetts Attorney General describing the unfair and deceptive conduct I experienced.


The facts are these.


1. On the evening of Tuesday, February 11th, 2014, I logged on to and followed the online upgrade instructions to upgrade my iPhone 5 to a 5s. I wasn't actually very interested in upgrading, but I did want to see the cost. The final screen before purchasing informed me that this would be $72.60 per month. Surprised because this was about $30/month less than I was paying for an iPhone 5, I opened a chat window with AT&T customer support, and asked the representative whether this amount was in addition to what I was currently paying, or instead of it. The representative assured me that it was instead of.


2. So I clicked "Purchase".


3. Two days later, I received the new iPhone 5s in the mail, and followed the instructions to activate it. The next morning, Friday the 14th of March, neither the iPhone 5 nor the 5s were connecting to the AT&T network; that problem was resolved in minutes through another chat window at The representative in that chat then asked me if I had any more questions. I said that, well, yes, I was baffled as to why this newer phone was costing me about $30 less a month than my previous phone, and could she explain?


4. She informed that in fact my monthtly bill was going to be about $30 *more*, not less. When I described my exchange with an AT&T representative online three days earlier, she said the $72.60 did not include additional phone and text services. To verify this, I clicked: myAT&T > Wireless > Add or Change a Service. The only service listed there was the $45/month data plan required for the 5s, and I told her so. She said to go instead to myAT&T > Billing > Billing Details; and there I found the extra services she was talking about.


5. I then asked for a solution that would bring my monthly bill back down to at least where it used to be, and to do this she switched me from my then 4G data, phone, and SMS plans to a "shared" plan of 2G data including phone and SMS.


That was Friday; today is Monday, March 17th, 2014. Over the weekend I have considered my "upgrade" from an iPhone 5 and 4G/month to a 5s and 2G/month for the same price. I am not satisifed with the outcome, and I wish to request the following three changes:


  1. Please give me 6G/month at no extra charge for the next twelve months.
  2. Please change your upgrade page to clearly display what a person's entire final monthly bill will be after the upgrade, including existing services.
  3. Please fix to list phone and SMS services under Wireless > Services.


If you cannot make these changes, please restore my previous plan at no additional charge and send me instructions on how to return the iPhone 5s.


I would ask that you keep the following points in mind:


1. Your lawyers and perhaps you yourself may wish to parse "in addition to or instead of" and "what I pay" in ever so many ways, so as to justify what your representative told me last Tuesday. Yet given the context of that evening, there was only one reasonable way to understand my question: I meant my entire monthly bill. I know it. That representative knew it. And you know it as well.


2. Even today, there is no single page at that lists everything that will be on my next bill, in one single place. The confirmation email I received for the 5s upgrade doesn't list it. Yet I see at that I have only 14 days to return the 5s: and you and I both know that my first monthly bill since the upgrade, with what would have been a very nasty surprise, is going to arrive well after that period has expired.


3. So I should in fact be asking that you display this bill in all these places, immediately after an upgrade; yet all I am asking is that you place it on one page, the one before the final purchase decision is made.


Yours sincerely,


[edited for privacy]


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Community Manager

Re: A reasonable request

Hello Richard,


I'm sorry for any misunderstanding, it sounds like your new phone was purchased using AT&T's Next program, where you only pay the sales tax up front, and then have a monthly payment for the phone (and no 2 year contract), instead of a regular 2 year upgrade where the price would be $199 for 16GB model ($299 for 32GB or $399 for 64GB) plus tax and a one time upgrade fee of $36. With the Next plan you can trade in your phone for the new one much sooner, after 12 or 18 months versus standard 24 month. To summarize, your monthly cost might be a little higher or your plan might be smaller as an alternative, instead, you're saving money up front and can upgrade to a new phone much sooner, and no upgrade fees or a 2 year contract.


If you'd rather have a conventional 2 year contract as described above, our team can help you with that, or arrange a return or exchange since you're still within your 14 days remorse period. Please send us a private message by clicking here with your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached. One of our managers will contact you directly within 3 business days to assist.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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ACE - Expert

Re: A reasonable request

Just to re-iterate to the OP, this is a user to user forum and no one is going to take action on your original post. You need to do as ATTDimitriy explained and send the personal message to engage the customer account team that will take action. 

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: A reasonable request

If you would like to have this issue resolved within a small amount of time, i would suggest you contact our customer care department by dialing 611 from your wireless device. 

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: A reasonable request

14 days to return so shouldn't have a problem with that. Now changing the website overnight might be hard.

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