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4G LTE for Unlocked BB Z10


4G LTE for Unlocked BB Z10

Hi, I hope someone here can help me. I'm thinking about unlocking my Z10. However, I read somewhere that if I unlocked my Z10, I will not be able to use 4G only 3G... does anyone know if this is true?



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Re: 4G LTE for Unlocked BB Z10

Never heard of that.  Many people run unlocked Z10s on the AT&T network, and get full speed.  Phone being locked or unlocked has nothing to do with that. 



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Re: 4G LTE for Unlocked BB Z10

It sounds like you are asking about unlocking an AT&T Z10.  Unlocking the phone won't change the network connectivity of the phone.  It will work the same as before; you will just have additional options for carriers if you want to use another carrier.


If you were asking about the factory unlocked Z10, I use one on AT&T and have access to all data networks, including the LTE network.

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