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4G LTE Springfield, IL


4G LTE Springfield, IL

When will 4G LTE coverage become available in Springfield, IL?  The article in this link says it would be available by the end of 2012.



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Re: 4G LTE Springfield, IL

In our dreams. We are lucky to get 3G data around Memorial Medical, the West Side over around White oaks. I will only believe it when I see it. Just because it was announced in Sept. 2012, does not mean that it will be done by year end.

Too many people in Springfield still use 3G phones, and the majority of complaints that are big around here, is no data connection or very poor data speeds.

I have friends that still work for the company, that I talk to after I left Cingular in 2002 for better pastures. Even they say do not put too much hope into these announcements, just look at them like an engagement to someone. It is a promise, until the date is set and you say I do.
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Re: 4G LTE Springfield, IL

So today I was able to get LTE in Jacksonville as well as Decatur, but still no LTE in Springfield.  How do they get LTE before the Capitol of the State?

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Re: 4G LTE Springfield, IL

Noticed I have LTE this morning in Springfield!  Could it be Merry Christmas?

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