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1520 Randomly Rebooting


1520 Randomly Rebooting

Did a search first, couldn't find anyone with this issue. 


New yesterday, my 32g 1520 reboots all by its big boy self.  not often, but enough.  At least 4 times in 18 hrs.


Went to Nokia, they said Sim cards.  Support here is sending me a new one. 


I've reset with no apps.  Have no SD card. And didn't have the phone before the black update. 


I've had several Nokia Windows Phones over the years and haven't seen this before.   Anyone else experience this yet with the 1520?

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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

Hi alodar1,


Have you attempted to perform a master resest on the device? I have never seen any problems with the 1520 and usually one of the most problem-free devices. Sometimes if you SIM card is bad, it can cause all kinds of wierd problems and Windows Phones usually will force re-start if the SIM is having issues.


If you have a Company AT&T store around you, you can get a replacement for free from the store instead of waiting for them to ship one to you. 

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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

Thanks.  Yes, I've done a hard reset and the issue still occurred.  A second hard reset and this time did NOT allow the data to restore.  I've had NO reboots for about 10 hrs now. 


I've manually added back the data and such, or most of it, so we'll see.  I'm not that worried about the reboots actually.  Though in searcing the web for this, I noticed a couple of reports from Europe about reboots randomly. 


I decided to try the resets first before running to the store for a sim card. we'll see what happens....





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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

Update:  Its now 24hrs since my last reboot and, NOT doing a restore of a backup.  As of right now, I would say cleaning and reseating the SIM card, and installing clean data appears to have worked. 

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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

Update:  70 hrs into ownership.  6 reboots.  I went 24hrs without a reboot, then started adding more apps.  The reboots started again, but not as much.


I researched over on the Nokia site, and they have no real knowledge yet, though a Nokia moderate has said they are aware of the issue and are researching it.  Fair I think.


On WP Central the dialog is similar with no real answers or suggestions. Most agree its a software issue.  Most seem to think its triggered by:

  • A nokia update, both Amber and Black appear to have a trigger
  • App Folders.  No one seems to remember this happening before App Folders appear
  • Corrupted or unavailable software placed on a phone via a Phone Restore.  I didn't know that software could be forced this way, but apparently Glance Backgrounds, a Nokia beta lab product, is not available for the 1520, yet was forced on my device during the first restore.
  • Recommending a Factory reset after first boot.  I understand most people don't do this.  But I do regularly and especially after a system update.

There is very little on the Microsoft forums about this.   And the Nokia forums seem to be mostly people in Europe or Asia posting with the issue.

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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting reboots for the last 24hrs.   1 change.  I turned off Glance

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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

60+ hours now with no reboots. Glance off is the change I made.
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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

After over 2 weeks of no reboots, my device started rebooting again.  Reset and turned off Glance, but it still rebooted.   Last time I went through this, Reset with NO restore and glance off, is what pushed me into the 2 week no reboot state.  This leads me to think, there is a software combination that lends itself to rebooting. 


Off to reset and try again....

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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

I went digging for the info and found very many instances of this occurrence. Definitely some kind of software crash issue. I have tried the resets but each time the phone comes back with some lacking functions. I am seeking a new device. Love the phone but totally disappointed by the response from Nokia.

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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

I went through the process and got a refurb. Had the phone less than 30 days and they replace it with a refurb. That phone lasted 1 day. No reboots, but the screen fades light and dark. They sent another refurb. This one seems ok. On day 3. I'm going to have to rethink AT&T. Under 30 days and they send a refurb...thats...not right.
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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

I had the same issue.  Before I returned mine, I watched it reboot 72 times in a row before powering it down for the last time.  Mine did it even on a fresh setup (no apps, no data restored, etc) with no SIM or MicroSD in the slots.  Finally, the camera completely died.  Luckily, mine happened within the 14 days buyers remorse period, so I was able to get a new one.  My replacement has not had the same issue.


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Re: 1520 Randomly Rebooting

My 2nd  refurb did the trick.  No reboots, no flickering of the screen.  with all the new Nokia app updates in, its a very fast phone. 


Though I really question the a replacement with a refurb on day 27...I will live with a refurb that works very well.  Problem is, AT&T has been very good to me.  I really haven't had a problems.  My bill right now is $70 less that it was 3 months ago.  I have 2 new phones.  I have more data than I can use. My coverage area here in a suburb of Seattle is very good. When I have called with a complaint, they've responded with an acceptable answer.  Of course I haven't asked them any unanswerable questions either. 


I have a single line with T-Mobile but really no desire to move my primary numbers over there.  Every other carrier has the same issues, same problems, your mileage may vary. 


So, I'm pretty happy with AT&T.  And I am happy I got a 1520 that works like it does....finally

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