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10cent per minute plan to smartphone possible?

10cent per minute plan to smartphone possible?

Hello, I'm on the gophone no contract 10 cent per minute plan. Is it possible for me to purchase an AT&T GoPhone - ZTE Radiant No-Contract Cell Phone or a AT&T GoPhone - Z998 4G No-Contract Cell Phone and have my current plan(10cent per minute) be useable for those phones? I don't want to have to buy  the phone only to realize that I can't use it and have to return it to the store. Also if its possible will my sim card fit into both of these phones? I just need a phone with good camera quality and for text and calls.


Really appreciate all the help and responses if anyone can help me out here.

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Re: 10cent per minute plan to smartphone possible?

gvaztom wrote:

Thanks Wild Banchi. I was planning on buying the phone from Amazon.

I used the AT&T web site to see what it would allow you to do. I looked at GO Phones and the Samsung Galaxy Express was on the list. When you go to select a plan (and select $.10 a minute) , and then select a phone to match the plan, the Galaxy disappears from the options list and you are left with the rest of the choices.

I looked on eBay for microSIM cutters. I assume that I need one that will fit AT&T. Most of the cutters I saw stated that they were for IPhones.  I really hate to be such a pain )&**% but I hate having to pay for stuff (a data plan)  when all I want is a decent phone. Just a quick note to let me know if I am correct about the cutter. 

I have not seen a response from OP about how her efforts turned out.


Once again, thanks for all the help for us technically challenged  !!!!



No problem! 


As far as what type of microSIM cutter to purchase, it is okay to go ahead and purchase one that is listed as iPhone-specific. It will cut the SIM the same way. Just pay close attention that the one you decide to buy is for microSIMs ONLY - not nano-SIMs (which are even smaller than microSIMs). 


Something like this would be fine:

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Re: 10cent per minute plan to smartphone possible?

I have the Nokia Lumia 520 which I assume is considered a smartphone.  I have the $.10 a minute plan with NO data.  I buy the $5 messaging pack for 250 messages.  I don't think it's an issue.


I can still use wifi, but obviously you can't use data unless you buy that plan. 

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Re: 10cent per minute plan to smartphone possible?

Thanks  Wild Banchi,  

My Go Phone Galaxy Express  arrived in the mail. I looked at it and headed up to the Corporate AT&T Store. I told the AT&T person exactly what I wanted to do as far as activating my new phone with the old number and putting it on the $.10 a minute plan and did not want a monthly fee or data plan at this time. She had a few questions, and returned  in about 5 minutes with the new phone all set to go including moving over all my contacts, had the data usage switched off, and gave me a brief "tour" of the phone. No hassle about a monthly data plan or anything. I still have the old phone, regular sized old sim card and a new phone all set to go. I do have a microSim cutter on standby if needed.


Eureka, I'm a happy, white haired, old retired guy and I owe it to you and  all the others who help keep this forum available for those of us who are technologically challenged. !!!!!!!!!!


Can't Thank You Enough




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Re: 10cent per minute plan to smartphone possible?

You are most certainly welcome! It's great to hear that everything went smoothly for you. It's even better to see how satisfied you are! Smiley Very Happy


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