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$10 go phone refill cards


$10 go phone refill cards

Looking for a $10 go phone refill card to buy with CASH.

Background info:

I have a go phone with a $25 monthly plan.
The go phone account has a $15 balance.
Need to add $10 to get a $25 total balance.


No $10 card to be found in local stores. Looked for it at:

Krogers, TomThumb, Albertsons, Walgreens, Walmart, SamsClub,
misc. small shops (seems everyone sells gift cards these days.)
No joy.



Salesguy says there is no $10 card because he's never seen one. 
Really guys? You can't be bothered to stock *any* go phone refill
cards at your stores?

For the record, I do not want to use a debit card, credit card, or
give my personal banking information. And, no, I am not at all
interested in purchasing a Visa or MC gift card (and paying their

added fees) in order to buy the $10 card/pin online.


Has anyone ever seen a real live $10 go phone refill card anywhere?


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Re: $10 go phone refill cards

It's true. $10 GoPhone cards do not exist. They only come in increments of $15, $25, $50, and $100. Your best bet is to just buy a $15 card, even though you'd have an unnecessary extra $5 in your account.

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Re: $10 go phone refill cards

What really urks me about this is the $15 cards have a 30 day expiration once put in the gophone account. So if I add a $15 card to my $15 leftover balance (that hasn't expired yet), ATT *takes* the extra $5 that is leftover after the $25 monthly charge.


$5 may not be that much money, but I'd rather decide where that $5 goes.


Too bad there isn't an option to hand over $10 in cash to an ATT store employee and get them to credit my account. However, they don't know how to do that with cash.


May go back to Tracfone.

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Re: $10 go phone refill cards

The $5.00 stays in your main account balance. That gives you a $5.00 cushion of 50 minutes in case you talk more than 250 minutes.

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Re: $10 go phone refill cards

Try $25 cards go for 90 days or until all is exhausted.
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Re: $10 go phone refill cards

Well i was wondering why att do not sell 5 refill cards anymore? Why?
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Re: $10 go phone refill cards

They have them at your local family dollar stores. If they dont have them, you can ask at the register
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