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xperia x10 unlock pattern


xperia x10 unlock pattern


I put an unlock pattern on my phone, and made it not visible when you swipe it so that no one could see it.  I tried it too many times and it wouldn't unlock. now it's asking for my google email account info but i have no idea what it is. please help




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Re: xperia x10 unlock pattern

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Re: xperia x10 unlock pattern

Can always try this...:


Mind you, you'll loose whatever's in your phone as you'll be upgrading it to Gingerbread with a new system and factory settings.

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Re: xperia x10 unlock pattern

Since you were locked out due to the number of pattern attempts, you would need to input your google (or gmail) username and password. This has to be the one you used when you first set up your phone with Google. If you forgot your password for google as well, then you would have to access your Gmail account on the computer and click the 'reset password' link....


Otherwise, you would need to contact Sony Erricsson (866-766-9374) about it... Good luck! Smiley Happy

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