wp7sent to oblivion?


wp7sent to oblivion?

  I was checking the board assuming that no one would know better than at&t  the status of the wp7 updates for their phones. I noticed the thread 'wp7 update' had been moved. I clicked on it. I followed it. "message not found".

  Farenhight 451, 1984, or Germany in the 1930's ? No matter the end result is the same, ommision of or destruction of information. I don't find this to be cute, quite scary actually considering our growing dependance on the internet and electronic media in general.

  To the point; I came seeking information on the status of the wp7 update for my at&t branded htc surround and found not a whisper. If you inform your customers maybe they will stop beating you with a proverbial stick on other forums as well as this one.

  Is any one listening? Smiley Sad

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