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I have a Pure without a data plan. (I bought it from a private party). If I use wi-fi, will I be charged for data?


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Re: wi-fi

Well, you might be... but not because you are using WiFi.

Did you have a smart phone previously?

If so, you should be grandfathered in and not be required to buy a data plan.

If not, you are required to have a data plan for all smart phones on the AT&T network as of September 2009.  How you acquired the device is not relevant.

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Re: wi-fi

My contract is up in May. If they charge me, they may lose me. Even though someone else has the same policy.It'sjust the principle of the thing. I can't have the phone I want?!? What is that all about!?

I had an iphone for a year and a half. Then went down to a Blackjack2, with no date. I bought my Pure and put the sim card in it. 

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Re: wi-fi

Your contract will not be replaced in May, you will just keep the same contract terms indefinately.  There are people that have had the same contract for years and years, which is usually desirable (since they often raise the prices or cut the minutes when they update the contract terms).


Even if you upgrade your hardware, you have the option to keep the old contract.  Its not obvious, and the ATT customer service likely won't inform you of this option, but you will get it if you ask. However, if you upgrade to a smartphone, you will be forced to get a data plan per the new policy:  "Current customers are grandfathered in until they upgrade their device or sign a new contract for voice services"


Some folks on here think that ATT will be able to tell you are using a smartphone, even if you don't use the data connection, but I think that remains to be proven.


You can use Modaco NoData or Advanced Config to ensure that the phone doesn't connect to the ATT data connection.

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Re: wi-fi

After I put the sim card into my Pure, I went to my ATT page and it said my device was an HTC Pure! So, apparently, my phone narced on me. I never told them!

If ATT tries to put me on a data plan, I bolt in May. I may have to get a data plan elsewhere, but just the principle of them doing that will make me say "see ya" .

I have bee a customer for 7 or 8 years. I wanted a pocket PC with no dumb {word filter evasion}. slide out keyboard and the Pure is the perfect phone for me. LET ME DECIDE IF I WANT DATA!!!!!!!

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