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wi-fi won't turn on-- motorola bravo


wi-fi won't turn on-- motorola bravo

The wi-fi on my Bravo will no longer turn on-- not just won't connect; it refuses to turn on. It keeps saying "Error." In Wireless Settings, all the options are greyed out. I have done a factory reset, taken out the battery and sim card, but nothing has worked. It has been like this for days-- anyone else have this problem?

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Re: wi-fi won't turn on-- motorola bravo

I have a motorola ATRIX 4G that has the identical problem.  It worked perfectly until an update from AT&% came in over a week ago.  It stated the download had to use wi-fi to download and so I started the download.  Well, the download stopped at 12% and after an hour of no further action I tried to use the phone.  I found out that while the download was in progress I was helpless to either put the phone in standby or turn it off by using the on/off button.  I finally had to physically pull the battery to make it turn off.


After that, the wi-fi feature would go into "scanning" and continue that for about 5 minutes and then turn the phone off and then reboot it on and off for about 10 cycles.  I tried the terrible online chat to try to have someone do something about it (my current phone is one that was replaced under warranty for my first phone that had the identical problem with wi-fi) even though it is still in warranty.


I have done the factory reinstall procedure with no success.  Have talked to the chat people with no success, and even was referred to the 2nd level people at Motorola with no success.  All that they said was to send it into Motorola (not AT&%) and they would analyze the problem.  Said it would take from 10 to 20 days to do so.


As far as I can tell you, with AT&T, you are on your own.  Seems like I am going to have to get a different phone and waste several hundred dollars thanks to AT&T's sorry support service and warranty.

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