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wi-fi connection problem, samsung captivate


wi-fi connection problem, samsung captivate

My samsung captivate searches for the IP address on a wi-fi network that I have used many times over the last few months.  Now my phone will search for the IP address but will not connect.  The wi-fi has a strong signal and I can connect other devices but not my phone.  Any Ideas?  Thanks.  Would try to delete the wi-fi network from my phone and then try to reconnect but cannot figure out how to delete networks.

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wi-fi connection problem, samsung captivate

One other thing.  I can connect to any other network, home, ATT at Starbucks, etc, just not the one I mentioned in my earlier posting.  It is a WPA/WPA2/PSK network.  My home network is WEP.  Not sure if that makes a difference.

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Re: wi-fi connection problem, samsung captivate

If you're on Froyo 2.2 ROM, it is a known issue. There were quite a few threads dicuss this specific issue here. Do a search.

One of the work around is don't turn on wi-fi and Launch AllShare app. It will prompt you and turn on the wi-fi for you. This usually solves the problem for you.

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