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so i've been with at&t for over 8 yrs and about ever 12mo (maybe a lil later in the begining) i'd be eligible for an upgrade. i upgraded my bb may 15th, 2010 and of course being a junk and being replaced TWICE i am impatiently waiting for an upgrade so i can go to the HTC. for the first few months after getting the upgraded bb my elibigle upgrade date was may 15th, 2011... then it sayy (and currently says) OCT 15th, 2011. why did it extend itself 5 MORE months? i pay my bill BEFORE due date EVERY month and my acct has NEVER been suspended! so that can't be why they extended it. i even called customer service and the lady was NOT helpful (simply answered "it is what it is") NOR nice! what happened to this company? i know a different carriers are advertising less time between upgrade eligibity and cheaper plans, etc and being that i have yet to have a phone actually last a YEAR (without needing to be replaced) i'm seriously considering my options of leaving at&t.

does anyone know why this contract/upgrade date would extend?

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Re: why?

Your upgrade eligibility can change and is not guaranteed past your current bill cycle.

Changes to the rate plan, features, contract, etc. can play a role in the current/future eligibility date.

  • Reduce rate plan Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC)
  • Reduce or remove a feature
  • Changed wireless number
  • Changed bill cycle
  • BAN to BAN move
  • Local BAN to NBI BAN
  • Change of Primary number
  • Hope this information helps.


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    Re: why?

    And if it doesn't help, give a call back to CS and see what the next rep says. Sometimes you get a rep that is not having a good day, might have just been with a very rude customer, whatever ya just don't know. Try calling back and talk with another rep. And remember, they just work there and have no control at all over what the suits decide. But, if you talk with them in an understanding tone...more often than not, they will go the extra step in trying to help you.


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