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where r the unlimited data plans?


where r the unlimited data plans?

after i paid my bill this evening, i decided to finally look @ my phone upgrade options. i settled on a Samsung galaxy s II skyrocket & was then prompted to bolt on a data package. the largest data plan option was 5gb & a hotspot w/ $10 every gig after that!! probably not really astounding 2 anybody but me bcuz i have had a smartphone in a while, but i need unlimited data, @ least some unlimited data plan OPTIONS! what am i supposed 2 do w/ these data deficient plans?? who can i talk 2 to get some UNLIMITED data options, & NOT 4 an xtra  $60?

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Re: where r the unlimited data plans?

Did you ever hear anything from anyone privately?


I'm new to AT&T, 8 days in and already at 75% of my 3G plan. I came from Sprint, unlimited data. Even if slow at least I didn't have to worry about going over.


Getting desparate... wishing us both luck!

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Re: where r the unlimited data plans?

Unlimited data plans were done away with a few years ago, September 2009 if I remember correctly. Those customers who had unlimited plans have been allowed to keep them as long as they don't switch to one of the tiered plans or drop data completely. Once it's gone, it doesn't come back. And from what I've read, those of us who still have unlimited plans may soon be losing them at our next upgrade.


There is no option for unlimited data on a new line or for an upgrade from a feature phone.

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