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where is the Dell Streak update


where is the Dell Streak update

Both carrier and manufacturers are playing this update game now i hear Samsung is deliberately holding back or asking TMobile not to update the Captivate b/c the new captivate is coming out and they are afraid it will hurt sales eventhough the old Captivate will have the same specs and capabillties as the new phone so the game is now instead of updating old phones everytime a new Android OS comes out lets just sell them a new phone if they want the new OS lets hope Google steps in and don't leave it up to dumb companys like AT&T or greedy companys like Samsung I bought the Dell Streak on the promise of the 1.6 will be updated to 2.1 that was in August 2010 then they decided they were going to skip 2.1 and go to 2.2 instead it's now Jan. 16 2011 still no update fist it was Dell sitting on their hands now it's AT&T With their many delays i now heard that the update is stuck in AT&T never ending testing  {word filter evasion} are they testing since the 2.2 update nas been working fine on all none lock AT&T versions of the streak meanwhile we are stuck with a barely userble devise it's time for Google step in and pull or threaten to pull the OS from the greedy pigs who put profit before costumer satisfaction or people like me will have no choice but to go back to apple god forbid and another thing why is Dell still lyeing to us saying the AT&T lock update is out and we should get it b/w now and next week

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Re: where is the Dell Streak update

Some of uguys should be happy. U got what u want. So its missing something. You're better off ,right? I'm happy for u guys. I hear that some of u feel damaged by this. So everybody kiss & makeup...
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OTA Upgrade - FINALLY!!!!!!

After months of a stream of complaints to both ATT & DELL and constant frustrations with Android v 1.6 - last night I was about to hack my Streak and force an upgrade to Android 2.2 but before doing so I check for an 'UPDATE' [Settings -> About Phone -> System updates] via my Streak and there it was!


Dell had finally released v 2.2 to my phone and I proceeded to backup my device and download Android 2.2 from their site. The backup and installation to me about 1.5 - 2.0 hours, and some of the original applications created conflicts but after a manual 'Factory Default' the Streak is functioning properly at this time.


What a relief to own a platform that actually works the way ATT's commercials 'implies' it should - not sure what the back door politics were with both Dell & ATT but it left a real bad taste. I am now testing out my upgrade and keep you posted on this!.

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Re: OTA Upgrade - FINALLY!!!!!!

I lost my 3G after the Froyo OTA upgrade.  Another forum provided the fix -

"Go to home screen/menu button/settings/wireless & networks/mobile networks/access point names/menu button/reset to default - then reboot."


3G connection lost

How to restore 3G connection.



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Re: OTA Upgrade - FINALLY!!!!!!

O.K, OTA 2.2 updated, phone in constant application Calendar Storage crash cycle, force close, crash again in a never ending cycle rendering the phone useless!!!   HELP any ideas??


Message it show: (process has stopped unexpectedly



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Re: where is the Dell Streak update

After the ota remove ur battery and turn phone back on. That will solve alot of these issues. To do the hotspot just go in the market and search hotspot.
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Re: where is the Dell Streak update

So excited about the update finally being here and then... nothing.  I go to the system update, backup my phone and click on the download and install button only to have it tell me "404--File or directory not found."  Is it my phone or the system?  Help (please)!!!!

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Re: OTA Upgrade - FINALLY!!!!!!

I was able to resolve, Message it show: (process has stopped unexpectedly, using the following procedure:


Power the Streak down and restart the device while holding down BOTH the Volume and Power Button until the device presents you with the POST screen. Select Option#1.


Option#1 is the 'FACTORY RESET' option. This option will clear out the google calendar applications (and a few other applications prior settings). The Streak will restart in FROYO 2.2 and you will be able to configure all of your applications. Good luck!



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