where are the ringback tones?


where are the ringback tones?

I have an iphone 3gs and I'm trying to get some ringback tones, but I cannot find them on the att website anywhere. Does att not offer them anymore? This is so frustrating cause I was given a message a few months ago that my current ringback tone was about to expire, but could'nt get through to the link to keep it or get another. You would think that att would make it easier to manage your tones, but I guess not.


Any help?

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Re: where are the ringback tones?

If you are an AT&T iPhone customer:
You can use the AppCenter website or the Ringback Tone web app to purchase and manage Ringback Tones for your iPhone. iPhone users can access the new Ringback Tone web app from www.att.com/rbtapp. Make sure you bookmark the page and save it to your phone's home screen. iPhone users are not able to download any other products from the AppCenter; instead you should visit the Apple iTunes or the App Store. There you can find AT&T specific apps, such as AT&T Navigator, AT&T FamilyMap, AT&T My Wireless Mobile and Mobile Banking, as well as many others. You can access the App Store directly from your iPhone or download iTunes and the App Store here: www.apple.com/itunes/.


Hope this helps! Bottom line....IPhone users need to use ITunes not ATT AppCenter for downloads.

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