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what will att do about LTE phone


what will att do about LTE phone

with the LTE push going on, I hope that ATT is going to update these bloody MC to handle the new speed. I am going to be pretty mad to be forced to use 3g speeds at home if I spend the money on an LTE capable handset.

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Re: what will att do about LTE phone

even though the microcell supports data you shouldnt be using it. use wifi, you obviously have broadband internet at home so no reason to not use it
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Re: what will att do about LTE phone

What he said...

The only data a Microcell has to use is sending Multi media messages. When in range of WiFi, that is what should be used.

It's much faster and does not use any your data package. Most devices automatically connect to known WiFi networks. (like at home) 


There are plenty of reasons to be mad about Microcells, but data is not one of them. 

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