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what phone do you prefer out of every att phone?


what phone do you prefer out of every att phone?

heres my delima, ive had the Captivate, Infuse, X10, and Play.  All of these phones crapped out on me.  they freeze, overheat, lag, force stop apps, wont read sd cards, everything you can imagine, happens.  i apparently have NO luck with phones.  my question is this, does anyone know of a phone, (be it android, iphone, windows, whatever) that has a stable platform? i mean, that wont just lock up and turn off in the middle of a song? that wont take over two minutes to open a text?  Please name specific phones, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Re: what phone do you prefer out of every att phone?

Both Android and the newer (Mango+) builds of WinPhone provide very stable environments. That four phones have proven to be unstable for you suggests that you're either very unlucky, or you're doing something wrong. Personally, I have a Samsung Skyrocket (Android - Personal), Nokia Lumia (WinPhone - Work) and Samsung Epix (WinMobile - Backup). Granted, they're all running custom ROMs, but I've yet to encounter and deal-breaking problems with any of them as of yet.

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