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weird text issue - pantech impact


weird text issue - pantech impact

I have a pantech impact which I've had for about 4 months...I recently started having some weird issues...

a few days ago (Dec. 18th) it started just shutting off out of nowhere (sometimes mid would just go black/didn't do the typical shut down process) all I had to do was turn it back on and all was fine...but later that day this happened and when I turned it back on recent texts were missing and one thread of old (outgoing and incoming) texts I had been saving went completely whacked out... most of them vanished, what was left (ranging from mid sept. to late october) is all out of sequence...and some of them (outgoing) are now dated Dec 18th (I don't know if that means they resent or what) I later discovered a bunch of the missing outgoing messages from the thread from the last few months (some from as recently as a week ago) many of which I know had been recieved and replied to months ago are now in my drafts as if they never got sent 


also starting on that day I started having a problem with several of my outgoing texts just randomly not making it to their destination 


has anyone else had these issue...if so what was done about it??


thanks Smiley Happy


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