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What is wap.cingular? Why am I seeing this only on one phone line on our bill and not all 4 lines? Is it a special messaging program or something? Its all over my bill. I dont know what it is. Please help.

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Re: wap.cingular

Please check this thread about wap.cingular.



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Re: wap.cingular

I was just told that this appears on you bill when you send/receive pictures ove 6 kb.  So I checked my phone, changed the settings and the smallest KB I can get it to is 32.  So every time I send a picture/receive a picture I am being charged $2.00.  So I was told that I had to add a data package for my non smart phone at $10.00 a month.  The reason I switched to At & t was to cut down on my bill, with adding 2 data packages one for my phone and one for my husband, I am right back where I was with Verizon.  I asked where in the bill did it explain all that OR how would I have known that this was going to happen and the answer I got was that I never would have.  Nice going AT & T!

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Re: wap.cingular

Okay so we now that it means data that used..  So now does anybody know if there is a way to find out what number tht it was sent to?

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Re: wap.cingular

With a dial up modem, there is a number for data connection.

A phone does not have a dial up modem. It uses a cellular modem (aka a transceiver) to make data connection to the carrier's network that has an IP number of the form where xxx are digits with separating periods.

That having been said, what you would want to do is to turn off data on your phone or have AT&T block data if you don't need e-mails, Internet, facebook and anything online.

Otherwise, if you want data without the charges, you could use WIFI if your phone has it.
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