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wap browser settings


wap browser settings

I just purchased an unlocked LG Prime online and currently use the Straight Talk service. Their system runs off both Verizon (cdma) and ATT (gsm). I am using the att side, and have a sim card. The LG phone is unlocked as far as the phone & text message is concerned. However, the web browser part will not connect. Can anyone help me with this? Is there a way to change the seetings so it bypasses the Medianet if need be? I've tried to change the settings and input straight talk's, but either it didn't work, or I didn't do it right. ANY help would be appreciated!! Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: wap browser settings

I had to put my SIM card from a straightalk Nokia smartphone into a samsung ATT gophone.  Talk worked fine but, of course, Medianet did not work at all.  I finally got on the net by entering "" in the URL box for browser settings..  I got the classic Google search screen. I could then search for any website and enter the site through the pertinent search result.  For example, entering "youtube" would take me there and entering "daniel boone" would allow me to enter Wikipedia, and so on.


Since my gophone is not a smartphone, only simple websites will work for me.  In your case, if your phone is a smartphone, go to the opera mini website and download the opera mini browser.  Since this works off of its own server, which condenses webpages and then sends them, you may end up with a usable browser. 


In any event, google .com will open the net to you and you can then experiment.  Good luck.

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