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voice mail message automatically deletes before I can listen


voice mail message automatically deletes before I can listen

The att salesperson entered some code into my Blackberry Curve that was supposed to skip the playback of my own recorded message when I am retrieving a new voice mail, however, it actually automatically deletes the actual voice mail message before I can listen. Litterally, when I press and hold 1, I am told I have a message, but then instantly I hear 4 keyed beeps(they sound like they are 7979)and then I am told "message deleted". I can press 19 and undelete to listen as long as I do not hang up or loose my signal. The store where I bought it could not figure it out, so they gave me another new phone and all was fine for about 24 hours and then the problem started on the new phone. It seema like the code is inbedded into my att acct, and then transfered on its own into my new phone. I have actually lived with this for about a year, but now I am working in an area with spotty service, so if I loose my signal before I can press 19, I loose the voice message.


anyone else have this problem or know of a solution other than starting over with a new phone and new carrier?      

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