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very bad service and disinformation, clueless employees and insulting managers


very bad service and disinformation, clueless employees and insulting managers

I wanted to upgrade my phone and find a cheaper service as I don't use my phone at all and had $230 unused minutes over 6 months... . simple. went to the store.. waited an hour was told I'd have to wait another hour.  left. returned another day and  waited an hour had to leave. returned a third time and finally was able to ASK someone if i could forward my unused minutes to another phone, service or returned money equivalent. yes they said. returned a fourth time. the salesman was incommunicative, sullen, clearly angry and eventually handed me a customer service phone when I asked him if I could use the unused time and money where I sat for 50 minutes in the middle of the store with an insulting manager named Brandon who clearly does not know how to talk with customers and told me this is not a bank and money is not refunded and it says in some booklet I could not find.


I will never be an at&t customer again. How can the money I applied to unused minutes be considered at&t's? Why can I not use that to upgrade to another phone and why don't you have a cheaper service for people who live in offices with many phones and make VERY few personal calls? How can you not train your employees to deal with customers on the floor? why do you insult customers by putting them on a customer service phone where they go though 4 employees who encourage and hand you over to someone else who does not have the information about the questions you are asking?


I am not a potential customer but a very long-time very dissatisfied customer.  

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Re: very bad service and disinformation, clueless employees and insulting managers

I am sorry you had poor experiences in an AT&T store; that has never happened when I have visited.  AT&T employees have always been polite, even when they were unable to answer my questions. 

When you signed the contract with AT&T for your cell phone, you chose a certain number of minutes that you could use each month.  It is YOUR choice whether or not you use those minutes.  AT&T did provide them and even offers rollover minutes for those you do not use, a feature that I love.  I don't know of any cell phone provider that would give customers a refund for unused minutes.  I think rollover minutes are as good as it gets with unused minutes.

Did you ever consider changing your plan and lowering the number of minutes you have?  Since you don't use your phone much, perhaps you would be better off with a Go phone.  

I have never heard of a phone company using leftover minutes toward purchasing a new phone. Usually, except for rollover minutes, unused minutes are just gone each month.  

If you change to another cell phone provider, make sure you understand the contract you sign.  Or go with a Trac phone, Go phone, etc.

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Re: very bad service and disinformation, clueless employees and insulting managers

If you wanted to upgrade your phone, I believe those minutes could have been transferred to your new phone, if you were purchaseing another phone from ATT but NOT another carrier.


Why don't you try a Tracfone, as the previous poster suggested, since you don't use it that much. You can get them cheap. All you will pay for besides the phone, are the cards you would have to buy when you need them. The cheapest card, I believe, is $19.99 for 60 minutes.



     we live & learn~

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