use upgrade available for another line


use upgrade available for another line

I have a family plan.  My line is not upgradable till Novemebr.  I want to use my sons upgrade, order the phone on his line then some how put my number on the new 4g.   Sounds complicated since the sim cards will be different.


1. My iphone 3gs cannot upgrade

2. Sons 3gs is upgradeable

3. Order upgrade on his line


Is this possible.


If so, when I get the phone, do I have to activate it on his number then call at and t and have them switch his line back to his 3gs and put my line on the 4g?  So confused.  the bottom line, my son will have the same 3gs he had before the upgrade.



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Re: use upgrade available for another line

This can be done at an AT&T corporate store...


Too complex to do over the phone or Internet.


I did this at an AT&T store a few months ago.



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Re: use upgrade available for another line

From what I have read, you would upgrade your son's line, activate the phone, then go to AT&T store and have them swap the phones on the account so that your line would have the iPhone 4. I swapped my 3G for the 3GS last year, but I was adding a line...I don't expect it to be any different

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Re: use upgrade available for another line

I actually just called on this exact issue.  The rep told me when the phone comes in, I can call them and they can attach the new sim number to my phone number.  Which actually makes perfect sense because like 10 years ago when I called in to activate a new sim, I just had to give them the sim number and the phone number it would be linked to.

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Re: use upgrade available for another line

Rockets: Did they tell you to activate through iTunes first?

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Re: use upgrade available for another line

They didn't say and I didn't ask that.  I should have though because that's a good question.  If I were guessing, I would think it would be ok to call first and have them attach the correct phone number to the sim.  Granted, you're contacts won't be on there until you restore the new phone to your old settings in iTunes.

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