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updates for Tilt 2?

updates for Tilt 2?

I went from my original Tilt device to the Tilt 2. I now have a lot of connection issues with my bluetooth in my car. The original tilt worked great. I see two hotfixes for freezes and such on HTC site. Are there any ROM updates or hotfixes for any bluetooth issues? I know there are updates for my car, I just need to take it in. I was just surprised I can use with my Tilt and not Tilt2. I was trying to get the version of ROM that I have but can write it down quick enough from a power on. I did get B 80 and R written down. I have also done a hard reset on my device a few times to see if that resolved anything.


Other than that, this phone has been awesome and works great. Have had no issues other than the freeze a couple times but loaded the hotfix for that.




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Re: updates for Tilt 2?

found the ROM version. Mine is 1.59.502.2 (67150) WWE

Date 09/25/09


Protocol 61.39tc.25.30H


Is this the latest? The ROM on HTC's site does not say what version it is, just as of release date.

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Re: updates for Tilt 2?

The rom on the HTC site is the original shipped rom for the Tilt2. There have not been any updates yet except for the two listed on the website.

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Re: updates for Tilt 2?

I'm wondering if we will ever receive an update for this phone, from what I've heard there are newer versions of WM6.5 and Touch Flo.

Anyone? Are we required to install a custom cab just to get the updates?

I came from a Samsung Eternity, where updates were promised by both ATT and Samsung (fixing both bugs and adding features). In the end they would point to the other, with nothing ever being released. I'll never go with a Samsung phone again (and I worked at one of their branches here in the US at the time).

It's starting to look as though development for WM6.5 will cease after a very short life span, thus any improvements will be 'user developed' only, but just a guess........

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Re: updates for Tilt 2?

I suggest going to xda-developers to find ROMs with updates for wm6.5.  Lots of chefs there have done tons of work on 6.5

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Re: updates for Tilt 2?

Of course, 'officially', the use of custom roms and flashing would void my warranty. I realize the device could be flashed back to original state, but would much rather see ATT push out the updates (since it appears HTC have them available for other devices).

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