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unlock inspire 4g

unlock inspire 4g

How long until at&t will be releasing unlock codes for the inspire 4g so i can download from other places besides the market?
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Re: unlock inspire 4g

SIM unlock code has nothing to do with your ability to download apps from other marketplaces.


If I'm not mistaken, you must root the phone to be able to install nonAT&T approved apps on the device.

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Re: unlock inspire 4g

ATT does not have to release the SIM unlock code for 10 months after the phone's release.


But as already mentioned, this has nothing to do with the ability to install 3rd party apps. All SIM unlock does, is allow you to use the phone on another cell carrier (as long as that carrier's network is GSM, and is compatible with the GSM/UMTS bands on the phone).


If you want to install 3rd party APK's from your desktop computer, you can use a program called Sideload Wonder Machine (just Google it).  Does not require root.


If you want to download straight to your phone (such as Amazon App Store, Gameloft), as also already mentioned, I think you need to root to do that.  Then after you root there might be a mod to do so; or flashing a custom ROM or the stock HTC Desire HD ROM will absolutely fix the issue.

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