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unlimited plan, not able to receive/send picture messages


unlimited plan, not able to receive/send picture messages

I have had the unlimited talk/text plan for quite some time now, and I used to be able to send and receive picture messages as usual but for some reason this has stopped working. Help!

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Re: unlimited plan, not able to receive/send picture messages

If you don't turn your phone off regularly, try that first - many times just a power cycle will resolve issues such as this. 


If not, have you changed any of your phone's messaging/MMS settings recently?  If you have another phone available that is compatible with your SIM card and you know can do MMS, you can try moving your SIM to it to see if MMS works.  If it does, it's an issue with the settings on your phone.  If you haven't changed any settings, you can't test it with another phone, or MMS doesn't function with your SIM in another phone, contact customer service and have them check the provisioning for MMS on your account - maybe something has gotten messed up on at&t's side.


I'd call from another phone (1-800-331-0500). Once you are transferred to the GoPhone IVR, state "more options", then "customer service" - after a few menu prompts you'll be connected with a live representative. 

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