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uCell in any room with HomePlug PowerLine

uCell in any room with HomePlug PowerLine

The beauty with the uCell solution is it only needs power, ethernet and GPS reception. The problem is how do you get an ethernet network connection where the uCell needs to be for optimal GPS conditions?


When it comes to fast reliable network connections I hate wifi so I use two PowerLIne AV200 HomePlug modules.

 1- The First module is plugged in the LAN Router to send the networking throughout the house. 


2- The Second module is plugged in the center of the house where I need it for optimal uCell coverage and GPS reception through the roof (not a problem).


The only thing I would add to optimize the HomePlug in the US (110VAC) is *try* to keep all your modules working on the same phase. If your HomePlug connections must travel through the electric meter shunt it will work but there is a bandwidth penalty depending on signal attenuation.


Once you have a PowerLine networking you can send any data you want through it like a NetFlix stream to your Internet connected TV or remote print server... network whatever you want wherever you need it!


PowerLine modules work out of the box unlike ATT uCell Smiley Very Happy



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Re: ATT recommends HomePlug PowerLine against WiFi

... Interestingly enough even ATT recommends using a PowerLine solution in the ATT online pdf troubleshooting guide and just like myself prefers to keep WiFi out of the loop at all cost!


Page 4 of the ATT uCell troubleshooting guide reads:


Powerline Ethernet adapters are available which use your electrical outlets to provide Internet connections to an area away from existing Internet equipment.

A minimum of two HomePlug AV or equivalent devices are required. AT&T offers a HomePlug AV starter kit online at Similar devices are also available at local electronic stores.


Don't bother with WiFi connections...

Connecting the 3G MicroCell to the Internet via two wireless routers in bridge mode in order to provide internet connectivity to an area away from existing internet equipment is not recommended.

While your 3G MicroCell may activate, quality of service may be adversely affected.

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